PS3 Will Outsell Xbox 360 This Holiday If Microsoft Doesn't Cut Price - Pachter

PS3, in North America, has been handily outsold by Xbox 360 in 2011. Microsoft has been building on its momentum since last year with the Kinect platform, but the recent PS3 price drop to $249 is clearly having an impact. The question is: will it be enough to top Xbox 360 during the holiday period? If Microsoft stands pat on price, then yes, says Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter.

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fluffydelusions3100d ago

I'm sure it will happen soon enough and you can bet MS will advertise that price cut to no end.

donniebaseball3100d ago

MS has more cash to spend, so you're probably right that they can do more advertising when they end up cutting price.

ksense3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

imagine the fan boy rage if it got outsold in its home territory. thats the only thing MS have to brag about now so I am sure they will cut price if it gets outsold

Mrmagnumman3573100d ago

This is true, but sony is still loaded, and has enough money to do whatever they want. Sony has atleast 47 billion!!! Look it up.

ForROME3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )


The only thing? As if NA is a small ONLY thing, what a lamer you are kid

LOGICWINS3100d ago

"This is true, but sony is still loaded, and has enough money to do whatever they want."

So why haven't I seen a a single PS3 exclusive ad on television this summer? Why I'm I not seeing Uncharted 3/Resistance 3 on subways, buses, billboards etc?

Isn't RE3 coming out next week?

disturbing_flame3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

In the US 360 will be ahead (worldwide i can't tell). Anyawy who cares what pachter say now, remember his speach about 3DS, about 3D device, about BF3 failing hard ?

Honest_gamer3100d ago


hell i see a risistance 3 add every break on 5 USA (after 9PM) and ive seen it quite allot of channel 4, its also on the bbc iplayer, stv player, 40d and 5 demand (there website adds that are on during shows dont know bout the ps3 versions)

anyway wth cares what this ass says

dark-hollow3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

I love how people say "only in US" or "USA doesn't equal the world"
Forgetting that the America is one of the biggest if not the biggest markets for gaming.
Almost 30%-50% of the totals of any console sales in history are from the US.
Hell, in some console sales, America DOES EQUAL the worldwide sales alone!
Like the wii which is the WHOLE worldwide sales almost barley ahead of the wii sales in the US!

The sales of xbox, xbox 360, NES, sega genesis and the N64 in the US not only equals the worldwide sales, but exceeding it too!

So next time when you talk about the gaming market, forget the geographical USA compared to the rest of the world, but remember how much potential gamers of tens of millions are there in the US!

DaTruth3100d ago

It depends how many PC's people buy this holiday season!

If PC's fly off the shelf this holiday, so will the free 360's!

jetlian3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Makes up 45 percent of the market. Sony has never won a holiday season. Sony makes ground during spring and summer. Seeing as they lost those they may be after fall /holidays.

Not the first time sony had a price drop around now We'll see

Arnon3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

So... Everyone is on Patcher's side now that he believes the PS3 will outsell the 360 in the US?

Please, this man has had more wrongs than rights. And to be honest, the 360 is still going strong and Kinect (as much as it hurts to see it) is now one of the fastest selling accessories ever made.

I'd say worldwide: PS3, USA: 360.

darthv723100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

ms doesnt need to cut the price of the 360. MS can afford to cut the cost on kinect if they will do any price reducing this holiday. They can also afford to give away more freebies like games and subscriptions to xbl. Advertising does wonders and they have been really strong this gen. Even on games that arent exclusive to them.

Sony felt the time was right as cost to mfg is lower and they have some goals that need to be met. When your first two systems did outstanding out of the gate and your third is back in the pack you do what you need to get the momentum going.

This holiday will be a good one for anyone who wants a ps3 or 360 but the wii I think has spent itself.

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TBM3100d ago

Here's how I see

360 popular in US/England
PS3 popular Europe/US/Japan
Wii Popular worldwide whupped both HD consoles a$$e$ period.

And yes thanks to selling in all regions well it will pass 360 in sales unless my fellow americans run out and buy a sh*tload of systems to curtail the surge in sales the PS3 will have this holiday. Also why do you think M$ wont leave japan because they know japan an important region also no matter what a certain regions citizens say.

In the end it really doesn't matter what anyone says about Sony they know what they're doing or else they wouldn't be in this business.

otherZinc3099d ago

PS3 has no chance of outselling the 360 this holiday season. NPD will show this, sale or no sale!

cstyle3100d ago

I doubt that the ps3 will outsell the 360 even with its recent price cut.

kingdoms3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

I LMAO when I read this 20 minutes ago. The current battle isn't about price alone but mostly demand(motion)at this point in the game but of course price has some effect.

Then you have major blockbusters in every genre in gaming on the 360 this holiday.

There will nothing but very competitive bundle deals this year because MS knows the demand for their console is very high.


Yes we're talking about WW and I disagree with your opinion. The 360 was selling almost 2 million a month in NA alone last holiday.

This is a sign were the general public want to play these games and what games they want to play

MysticStrummer3100d ago

So the fact that PS3 has outsold 360 worldwide since launch at a higher price, and is doing so again this year, should also be a clear sign of what people want to play, no?

TheFirstClassic3100d ago

Good lord you are a troll. All you ever say is f*** ps3.

Biggest3100d ago

"Then you have major blockbusters in every genre in gaming on the 360 this holiday"

All but one or two are also on the PS3. I don't see how that is a plus when there are far more offerings on the PS3 in comparison.

Clarence3100d ago

PS3 sold the same amount of consoles last holiday as 360.

So despite the so call demand for the 360 last year, the PS3 tied holiday sells as well as outsold the 360 last year. Last year was the 3rd year in the row that the PS3 outsold the 360. Despite 360slim, kinect, and Halo Reach So its obviuos the demand for the PS3 is higher.

With a price cut and great lineup this year the PS3 will continue to outsell the 360 this year. As far as the PS3 outselling the 360 in NA I don't think that will happen every month. Its certainly can happen a couple times this year, but not often.

@MysticStrummer, and Mrmagnumman357

I agree, the facts are there for anyone to look up but yet you both get disagrees for telling the truth. Whats crazy is the 360 already has a cheaper console on the market for 199.99.

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Mrmagnumman3573100d ago

If your talking about worldwide, it will definitely outsell 360, its ahead by close to a million units this year, look it up. If your talking about america, it will be close. Just a heads up, any npd charts are only america, so dont be fooled by some chart that shows 360 ahead, unless hell freezes over, ps3 will be ahead ww at the end of the year, because its been that way since 2009.

cliffbo3100d ago

i check VGChartz every week and the ps3 has outsold the 360 World Wide every month for the last 12 months yet the gap between the 360 and the ps3 ACCORDING to VGChartz is growing in favour of the 360 how can this be run by 360 fanboys ?

Mrmagnumman3573100d ago

@ cliffbo, not sure if you go to latest charts, and worldwide yearly
it says ps3 is up by over 800,000 for the year.

TBM3100d ago

i'd like to know what price cut they need when the damn system has been cheaper for god knows how long.

CoReI5K3100d ago

Never gonna happen...........move on guys and gals nothing to see here....just Pachter giving hope to ps3 owners who have been wishing for this to happen since day 1 :)

ndl15313100d ago

'never gonna happen ' ? you sound a bit too confident there huh ? this gen isn't over and i recall the ps2 selling millions more after the price drop to 199 and even 149 heck its selling now at 99 . the way i see it microsoft is just inflating its numbers by adding all the refubished systems it shipped plus take into account the rrod people who had to buy another system. just compare the xbox live accounts to psn accounts and you will see numbers dont lie . to make it simple and to the point there are more ps3s out there than there are 360s do a little research an find out for yoursealf before you post your rubbish like its fact

BLAZNBUDZ4203100d ago

Thats why there is over 20 million people on Xbox Live alone and I know for a fact PSN doesn't even come close to that number! That doesn't even take into consideration the amount of offline gamers and if the first amount has any indication on the later than you're so wrong PS fan boys.

KonaBro3100d ago

Blaz you don't know anything at all except what you want to believe. PS3 has outsold the 360 every year. End of story. The price cut will just solidify this.

DaTruth3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

"Thats why there is over 20 million people on Xbox Live alone and I know for a fact PSN doesn't even come close to that number!"

Then you know incredibly wrong! The fact is PSN has over 70 million accounts between PS3, PSP, PC and duplicates! The facts are also PS3 has more registered consoles online than 360's!

I don't think you know what a fact is, unless the fact is that you know wrong information, which you have shown is very factual!

The moon is made of green cheese, I know for a fact! Saying "I know for a fact", doesn't make it a fact!

baodeus3100d ago

It would be interesting to see how many of that 70 millions are actually paying for the PSN+.

First there are roughly 50 million ps3 sold, but there are 70 millions accounts registered.

How many individual PS3 owners are there on PSN (not to include duplicate/triplicate/quadrupli cate,etc... or from psp and PC)? It is really hard to determine.

BlazNBUDZ420 doesn't know what he is talking about either.

MakiManPR3100d ago

If I'm good in math

75 Millions PSN Accounts>20 Millions XBOX Live Accounts

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blumatt3100d ago

Probably right. BUT,I highly doubt MS is going to stand idly by and not do a price cut too.

SixZeroFour3100d ago

think about this from a business stand point...if the sales arent dipping, then dont do a price drop (not sure about the 360's case, cause i dont follow the numbers too closely)

why would a business want to do a price drop and make you have to sell more just to get the same profit as pre-price units sold isnt what matters to them, its the profit per unit sold that does

dont get me wrong, i want one for the new gamers (i already have one) and more gamers, means more possible sales for developers, but the way we usually look at things is from whats best for us, not whats best for the business

so realistically speaking, unless 360 sales have been dipping the last couple months (which again im not sure of) then i wouldnt be surprise if i dont see a price drop happen soon

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