Sick of Nintendo (NES) As a Nintendo Fan

Francois Chang writes, "The Nintendo 3DS just got a wave of 10 free NES games for those who picked the system up before its price drop, and I, being one of them, am not all that excited. Now I know that it’s not entirely Nintendo’s fault and I have the power to change this (I’ll explain later), but, as a Nintendo fan, I’m sick of NES games. I’m 22 years old now and although I wasn’t really alive or conscious for the release of the original games, I have seen more than my fair share of re-releases. That is the reason why I’m not crazy about this and I’ll explain more. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way, too."

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Ulf3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

I have to agree. Offering Nintendo re-releases to longtime Nintendo fans is... not right. We played that. A bunch.

Ninferno3096d ago

I've had it up to here with Ice Climber haha. Played that game way too much

allenhpark3096d ago

Same, and I've always been a hardcore proponent of Nintendo, even in the late Wii days.

dangert123096d ago

One thing about nintendo Is they say they are about the people the gamers hence 'wii' and 'wii-u'
but truth is they are as ignorant as sony was coming into this generation sony had an expesive console and nothing showing of what it could do and it never sold well at first its the same with the 3DS released as a rip off and has nothing really showing its true potential except a bunch of remakes in 3D then the fact you can't play 3D too long and so they switch it back to 2d so what was the point? Nintendo just do what they want to do sooner or later the fans will say enough is enough like this blogger also i was a nintendo fan still love metroid but did you see their mario kart bragging point? they added a glider WOW now thats competeting with modnation

Shnazzyone3095d ago

Oh no, free games! Personally... I'm playing the hell out of these. I know I've played the crap out of em. But it's something nice for the road. Donkey kong jr. and legend of zelda got quite a bit of play today. Not bad actually, considering I didn't have to pay for em'.

AdvanceWarsSgt3095d ago

Well what do you know, a well-though out unbiased logical piece on N4G. Don't see too many of these here.

BTW, I agree 100%

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