Jurassic Park Gets A Trailer and Gameplay, Dated for November 15th

Brett writes - "Jurassic Park is easily my favorite franchise of all time. Of all time. Finally today, I’m glad to announce it will be hitting PC, Mac and consoles all on November 15th. And to go with that? Have a nice, brand new action trailer and some gameplay. This game REALLY is like Heavy Rain, except it’s JFP, so it’s infinitely better. Here you go!"

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Limit7603098d ago

Yes, Indeed it does hahaha

rezzah3098d ago

It's Jurassic Park, that's all you need to know if you're a fan of the series.

Sub4Dis3098d ago

"Jurassic Park is easily my favorite franchise of all time. Of all time."

With 1 good movie out of 3 and no good games, how can it be your favorite franchise?

I mean, the 2 original books were good, but i doubt this dude read em.

Leonesaurus3098d ago

Why does it matter to you if it's his favorite franchise or not? If he loves the movies, then why hate on him?

Glad to see everyone's looking forward to the game and all, judging by the wonderful comments. lol

Sub4Dis3098d ago

if you are going to open your article with a statement like that, then it's up for debate. and if i'm basing his credibility on his taste, then he has none.

just like he's entitled to his opinion, i'm entitled to mine...and mine is that he's overstating his feelings about the franchise for the sake of wanting this to be a good game...which it definitely doesn't look to be.

IHateYouFanboys3098d ago

no good games? havent been playing games long have you?

the SNES game was awesome, as were the first 2 megadrive games. the PS lost world game was also pretty great.

this wasnt what i was expecting at all, pretty disappointed and i will not be buying it.

but the PS3 fanboys *should* love it, since its a dead ringer for Heavy Rains "gameplay".

ABizzel13098d ago

This sir is no heavy rain

Sub4Dis3098d ago

Considering my first console was a Magnavox Odyssey, i'd say yeah..i've been playin games for quite some time.

Imalwaysright3098d ago

WTF? Jurassic Park on the megadrive imo is better than 80% of games released this generation!

rezzah3098d ago

that's your opinion, not his.

Unless you are him yet not him. Which would make you his split personality!!!!!!!!!!!


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Silverguy3098d ago

While admittedly the third movie wasn't great, it was still pretty awesome. The second is my favorite, first closely after. The Sega games and some of the PSX ones are pretty awesome. I also had like, every JP toy ever when I was a kid. I don't have a choice but to get it and personally, I think it looks pretty awesome.

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