(GameFront Preview) Why You Should Give a Sh** About Aliens: Infestation

Jim Sterling, "SEGA’s PAX booth was pretty jam-packed with interesting stuff. It had The House of the Dead: Overkill — Extended Cut in 3D, it had Sonic Generations with a playable “City Escape” level, and it had a big pod for Aliens: Colonial Marines, surrounded by ladies dressed up as the titular spacefaring warmongers. It also had this guy wandering around with a DS, doing nothing much of anything at all. He was incredibly easy to miss, and I’d have totally not noticed him had a Destructoid colleague not called me over. This man was carrying Aliens: Infestation, and it was bloody great!"

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Venox20083092d ago

I will because:'s a wayforward game
2. it's metroidvania/castleroid style game
3. it looks awesome
4. aliens!
5. lots of characters with different abilities

browngamer43092d ago

The more I see of this game the more hyped I was not even on my radar before ..but come on a 2d metroid with Wayforward graphics..consider me sold!