Hot croc sex in Kinect's The Gunstringer

Msxbox World posted this video from the demo. You can find the full, and uncensored scene here.

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MasterCornholio3094d ago

WTF that is so wrong a lumber jack boinking a crocodile.

dragunrising3094d ago

I dunno...its just a little wierd.

The demo was a lot of fun, although I'm worried it won't be a very long game to complete. Hopefully I'm wrong. Bundling Fruit Ninja Kinect with the game is a smart move as well.

gamingdroid3094d ago


The terrible union he witnessed that night took the fight out of him and left only night terrors and scars....

3094d ago
3094d ago
TheBrit3094d ago

without a doubt this is one of the better demos to come along. Well written story, great voice acting, freaking funny as heck, kinect works very well with it.

throw in shooting, platforming, bob and weave etc the game is just fresh.

Definitely looking into this one when it comes out.

Mikeyy3093d ago

WTF, did I just watch?