Games Like Happy Endings, Too! Top 5 Game Endings - BnBGaming

In this edition of our Top 5, we say to hell with gameplay, art style, and level design; the ending’s where it’s at, Baby!

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WhiteLightning3093d ago

I would have to go with

5) Bayonetta, the "Lets dance boys" dance video
4) Portal 2, love the songs
3) HL2 Episode cliff hanger ever :)
2) FF8 with it's ending theme and camcorder POV
1) Uncharted 2, the dialogue between Nathan and Elena was a perfect way to end a game like that.

"It was raining"
"No, it was not..."
"You were unconscious and it was raining..."
"It was totally sunny out, you were balling..."
"No it wasn't sunny, you were unconscious"
"Whatever... I kept your tears in a jar. I have proof"
"I'll give you 5. How's that?"

I don't agree with L.A Noire though <SPOILERS>...Cole's death was just pathetic and Roy is the one who gives a eulogy about him. <sigh>. For a game like L.A Noire I wanted Cole to get into deep sh*t and the ending level there would be this massive shootout.

Thing is about Portal 2, they could change the ending when they know what they want to do with Portal 3, maybe after HL3 is out...or before if it does feature Chell is some way (even though she's in the future).