SCUF DareDeVL Pro 360 Controller Review

GameZone's Mike Splechta tries out SCUF Gaming's DareDeVL Pro 360 Controller, which uses a new analog stick, back panel buttons, and hair trigger stops to increase responsiveness and find the sweet spot for the trigger.

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TheSanchezDavid3096d ago

Looks like a solid FPS gaming controller. Sadly, I don't play too many FPSes. But if I did ... =P

lance423096d ago

I got some hands-on time with it...I didn't expect this, but the trigger stops did make a huge difference. They are also releasing models specifically for other types of games.

FragMnTagM3096d ago

This is pretty nice, but I prefer the Razer Onza. It doesn't have back paddles, but it has two programmable buttons on top where the bumper and trigger buttons are. It also has adjustable tension on the joysticks for racing or shooting games and probable a few I can't think of.

All for $49.99.

These look pretty cool, but the fact that you can't remap the paddles on the back and the price, makes them undesirable for me.

Link for the Onza:

lance423095d ago

wow, that's a pretty sweet looking controller. It kinda reminds me of the original xbox controller. the price is nice too.

do you think it is tournament legal?

FragMnTagM3095d ago

I believe it is. It says tournament edition on it.