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Eric of Writes:

"Madden NFL 12 is the epitome of what non-sports gamers think about sports video games. Granted, every year when Madden comes out, people always say there are no changes, but this year is the first time in many that you can say that and it would be true. EA Tiburon decided to focus on presentation, AI and Superstar mode this year rather than any major new improvements. While tackling is improved and the AI is a bit smarter, too many of the same issues remain and make this a fun, but frustrating football game."

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rrquinta3101d ago

Disappointing. I guess not having any competition means they don't really have to fix anything b/c people will buy it anyway... :(

CoryHG3100d ago

somebody's trying to get some hits.

Raven_Nomad3100d ago

This years Madden is actually pretty darn good. They have addressed a ton of issues and given the fans somethings they have really been asking for.

thugbob3100d ago Show
theherp803100d ago

actually they did address the franchise issue other than that i'm not really sure what they addressed. I'll be putting up videos of the same bugs that have been in the game for years so you can check that out and let me know what they fixed.

BLAZNBUDZ4203100d ago

All EA ever produces is revamped garbage! Stop buying their games for a while and it will force them to produce better quality titles to win you back but when you keep shelling out 70 dollars for half assed games the'll keep giving you half assed games. It's common sense people.

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