IFA 2011 Sony - Android tablets, re-branded Entertainment Network and a Message to competitors

Sony has officially named and revealed its two Android tablets. The company has also re-branding its digital delivery services as Sony Entertainment Network and more informations of Virtual Reality were also there. At last Howard Stringer sends a message to competitors.

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DA_SHREDDER3098d ago

Haha, I know you guys can't even fathom it, but what I've been saying for the past 2 years seems like its finally started. Dev's themselves can't even imagine how much different next gen is gonna be when it seems that all these boxes need is just more RAM and a better GPU. Next gen is gonna be a tab generation, with probably even a playstation cloud service in line where you don't even need a tab, just a micro console like Onlive uses.

What I imagine is that the next "console" will end up being a tablet that you can still hook up to the tv, thus it still being considered a console, that has 2 quad core processors, 4 gigs of RAM, and all the bells and whistles that an iPad or Android tab has. It's inevitable, its evolution of tech, and no matter how the vocal minority on N4G feels or thinks about the issue, its gonna happen sooner than later. You can already play pc titles on tabs via Onlive, what makes you people on this website think its not gonna happen? Why bother emulating games with chips when you can use a cloud service and even stop pirating? I hope I'm alive during this evolution process, so many old games I wanna play that I haven't cause the lack of backwards compatibility and so many new things like using your PS4 tab that has 4g wifi hotspot and a little app to hook up a service like vonage.

jaosobno3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

Nah, next console gen will be boxed hardware just like this gen.

Perhaps your version will take place one day, but not in PS4/X720 gen.

Tablets are far from ready to take over roles of consoles. For example, I was fiddling with colleague's iPad2 today and played need for speed on it. Graphics were incredibly crappy and controls clumsy to say the least.

So until tablets are powerful enough and I can attach controllers on them, keep them away from my serious gaming.

kneon3098d ago

The tablet form factor is not the best for gaming. Sure it's ok for most casual gaming but it's severely lacking when it comes to most hard core gaming.

I expect the PS4 will basically be a faster PS3 if it's out by 2013. If not then I think the PS4 will actually be the successor to the vita. By that time such a device will be powerful enough to more than surpass the PS3. All they need do is add wireless HDMI and it can be used as a console with a TV. Or they can just provide a docking station and let you use a DS3 or Move.

At some point the performance of mobile devices will be enough to make a stationary console unnecessary, the only question is when.

Kleptic3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )


Its not that next generation couldn't be cloud based with a micro console you buy...its that broadband isn't where it needs to be yet for that to be as profitable as standard consoles currently are, and will continue to be...

and I'm a little lost as to what you mean with a tablet console...wouldn't that simply be like a handheld?...why would anyone need a home console to be a tablet?

but I assure you...None of the hardware publishers are going to alienate the millions that don't have broadband internet connections...there are still major sections of the US, the single biggest gaming territory, that doesn't even have access to broadband yet...let alone where its available and people simply don't want it...

Not to mention how much of a mess ISPs are already...Most major ISPs are already introducing mandatory bandwidth caps for new customers, or forcing you to pay double what you used to for unlimited...broadband uptake has started to slow again because of this...hardware makers know that, and when they start having to push people to pay more for services outside of their own in order to use their simply doesn't happen...

and even less so with a tablet based console that uses cell phone internet coverage like 3G, 4G, etc...that is even worse...a ton of the US doesn't even have GSM coverage, let alone data coverage...and ATT, Verizon, etc...are in NO hurry to fix that any time soon...GSM coverage hasn't gotten better for 10 years...which was when it first showed up...and the popularity of smart phones has made a lot of areas even worse than they used to be, because the service providers aren't upgrading their lines...

StarWolf3098d ago

lol at tablets as controllers in the future. get lost. we'll always have buttons and controllers

banjadude3098d ago

damn right! Buttons = must have.