Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary - X'11 Preview (WGTC)

From We Got This Covered:

'The curtained off area containing Master Chief was well-hidden in the back of the venue and, getting inside required a fair bit of waiting after an appointment was set. Though, the wait was well-worth it. That was obvious once I got a chance to sit down on the couch in front of the large television where two members of the title’s development team gave us a ten minute preview of their hard work and effort. To say that it was really cool and a Halo fan’s dream would be an understatement. Fans of the universe and first-person shooters themselves will be in love when this one hits on November 15.'

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TheHip143093d ago

Looks amazing! Can not wait for this title. Been a lifelong Halo fan forever

NextDeadman3093d ago

The first one was my favorite, so I can't wait to dig into this. Oddly enough, I'm most excited to hear the Elites go WORT WORT WORT again.

TheDivine3092d ago

Im so excited for this. I never played the first halo (5 min maybe) so this will be epic for me. I started with odst and then reach and loved both of them. Now hopefully i get the trilogy starting with this, then 2 remade, then 3. Great games and this is only 40 dollars!

MinimeJer053092d ago

Not one for Halo, but the idea of an anniversary edition still strikes me as an odd choice.