Warhammer 40K: Space Marine – X’11 Hands-On (WGTC)

From We Got This Covered:

'Before I picked up the controller at THQ‘s demo booth, I had it in my mind that Space Marine would be a much more methodical shooter than it is. Instead, it feels very similar to Kill Team, except for the fact that there aren’t any twin-stick elements to be found. You see; the lead character and his group of fellow marines are not the type to take out their foes from far range or by taking cover and firing intermittently. Their preference lies in rushing in with swords and guns ready to swing or fire, enjoying chaotic action more than anything cover-based. Melee attacks are a necessity in order to heal yourself, as a stun attack and finishing move combine to replenish lost life. To say that it’s something players will have to do a lot of would be to under-appreciate its need.'

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TheHip143095d ago

never been a fan of the series


there has not been a series... or are you just talking about War Hammer in general or the rts games related to it?

NextDeadman3095d ago

Loved the demo, and a big fan of the franchise. Cannot wait for this one.

MinimeJer053095d ago

Never been a War Hammer fan, but this looks mildly decent.

Wick3095d ago

Interested in checking it out next week.