So What If Battlefield 3 Doesn't Let You Kill Civilians? "DICE and Battlefield 3 Executive Producer Patrick Bach recently went on record saying that the team is avoiding including civilians in Battlefield 3 in an attempt to remove the potential, if disagreeable, choice that players might make if presented with the opportunity to kill an innocent bystander. It's a decision that's not only mature, but also respectful of the subject matter at hand. We as gamers can certainly respect DICE for making this decision. Given the choice, I daresay a large majority would certainly choose to shoot a civilian just to see what happens. That's not to say there will be those that don't and kudos to them for making the morally right choice. However, the feedback to this announcement hasn't quite been as mature as one might expect. Comments range largely from trolling to anger, with only a few supporting DICE's decision."

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mephman3095d ago

I really don't understand what the big deal is. Developers always make restrictions about what you can and can't do. If they didn't, every game would be the same.

pixelsword3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Yeah; but at the same time:

+ Can blow a hole through a building with a RPG

- Same RPG bounces off of little Bobby

The realism that they strived for goes right out the door.

Miiikeyyy3095d ago

Best part of blowing shit up is making sure little Bobby gets caught in the destruction!

BlackKnight3095d ago

Making the assumption of 100% realism makes a better game will just make a simulator and that is a more narrow crowd (ARMA).

They are making the game realistic where it matters but still keeping a tight narrative/focus and are not trying to be some sort of sandbox game and let you kill civilians.

Trophywhore3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Yeah I hate the bleeding hearts that have invaded game dev jobs. They place these limits to avoid controversey when that is the only thing that sells a game. What is even worse is when they rub it in your face like in Fallout 3. You cant kill kids yet there are several snot nosed brats that cuss you off and make you want to blow their head off. Its like they are trying to mess with us here.

dark-hollow3095d ago

Can you even imagine the magnitude of rage fallout 3 gonna make if they let you blow up kids and turn them into a bloody mess???

evrfighter3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Except it isn't close to being realistic at all. If you want realism go play arma, if you want arcade go play cod if you want a balanced mix you play battlefield. End of story

It's the cod fanboys being vocal about it because bf3 is about to stomp their tired franchise. This is actually scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

Trophywhore3095d ago


Kids are just miniature versions of adults. I dont see why they get such special treatment. If anything they are even more evil and selfish than adults are. I dont think its coincidence when you see a story of a perfectly sane mother downing her 8 year old. Kids are nothing but selfish money suckers.

Kleptic3095d ago

While i agree with this article that it isn't a big deal...I disagree with Bach's quote that wanting more violence in a military game is 'childish'...

violence, when it comes to war related entertainment, makes the difference between something like Saving Private Ryan...and Pearl harbor...One easily regarded as the one of the best war films ever created...the other an absolute joke that uses a dark time in history as a backdrop for some shitty love story and almost makes fun of what got the US involved in WWII in the first place...

One was ridiculously violent...because WWII was ridiculously was NOT violent...and tried to shield the audience from what was really going on...

Wanting a game to 'feel' more realistic because of violence is not childish at all...childish violence is all over the place in the industry...yet arguably the ONLY genre that could use the argument 'this is realistic' for their games has developers more fearful of violence than ever...

dredgewalker3095d ago


As a parent I find your comment disturbing and offensive. If a mother drowns her 8 year old child then she is far from being sane. Also some kids turn bad simply because of bad parenting. I doubt that kids can drive cars or do regular jobs if you say that they are miniature adults. You've just proven how immature your state of mind is. Heaven forbid you never have children because if this is your perspective then they're gonna go through lots of neglect or abuse or even turn out like you. You simply are a child who understands nothing.

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jriquelme_paraguay3095d ago

if you want kill civilians... GTA its THE GAME
or.. go and play No Russians ¬¬

ShawnCollier3095d ago

I really don't see what difference adding that in would make.

MidnytRain3095d ago

Was this really an issue?

iamnsuperman3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

My main problem with this is that civilians are a big part of war and DICE prides themselves on having realism. They should be there not to shoot but if you do then you get punished. I do not want a No Russian mission but clearing rooms with civilians in it. It will make a difference. This was in reference to them wanting maturity and getting rid of the gore because of that. Its like they had an idea of what war is (good idea) and then PG it. War is gory, War has civilians

mephman3095d ago

But is that really a road we want to go down? If people crave the true war experience that much, actually pack your bags and join the army.

iamnsuperman3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Hopefully the selection process goes well I will be training to be an officer at Sandhurst in the next year or two

at below. Well said +bubs.

No Way3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Ain't what you just said the same for somebody who plays a football game?
Why play Madden; if you crave the true NFL experience.. go play for the NFL.

It's not that simple. Not everyone is cut out to do certain things.
Some people would have no problem squeezing the trigger, others would.
That, sir, is the beauty of video games. Allows us to experience other worlds.

mephman3095d ago

@No Way

No, it's not that different in theory, but the context is very different. Going to play NFL is very different to going and sitting in a war zone.

It does allow us to experience other worlds, but some things need to be left in the real world.

dark-hollow3095d ago

"War is gory, War has civilians"
Wars are a lot more horrible than what you see in any video game shooter.
They don't need to capture every aspect of it.

Shackdaddy8363095d ago

There's a difference between authentic and realistic. If they made war 100% realistically then you would probably not like it (I know I wouldn't).

TitanUp3095d ago

im not worried about it something like that is for kids to get happy about or sad that they can't do it i don't believe mature gamers really care all that much.

JellyJelly3095d ago

It's come down to that now? lol.

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