UGO: Gears of War PC review

When Gears of War was first announced, press releases for this third-person shooter always mentioned that it was from the creators of the Unreal games. Now, with the upcoming Unreal Tournament 3, the videos say that it's from the creators of Gears of War. That should be a pretty good clue just how much one game turned around veteran shooter development studio Epic Games. Taking full advantage of the Microsoft hype machine, this Xbox 360 game made the two-year wait between the release of the console and Halo 3 pretty bearable, and now Epic has finished work on a PC port of Gears. PC gamers are always hesitant, at the least, to play a console game ported to the PC, and some will simply refuse to even try.

But while some ports deserve every negative comment they receive - Halo is one of the more notable series in that respect - Gears of War does a great job to avoid all that. With a solid interface, all the great graphics, Windows XP compatibility, a solid frame rate (at least, on hardware comparable to the 360's) and excellent controls, Gears feels right at home on the PC. And with a few extra campaign missions near the end of the game as well as all the online functionality - although at a price, literally - of the 360 version, many will consider this to be the definitive version of Gears of War.

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