Can We Game ... Please?

Ever wanted to get your girlfriend involved in your gaming?
No, me neither, it's my time!
But writer Coaimhin seems pretty passionate about trying to share his gaming hobby with his girlfriend. This is the first in the series of articles about the trials and tribulations of trying to achieve this.

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kma2k3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

This gen only a handful of games has my wife ever even looked at the screen without me asking her to. The games that interested her:

La Noir
Guitar Hero
High Velocity Bowling

Other than those games she couldnt seem to care less lol. Definatly dosent share my hobby lol

Angrymorgan3098d ago

My gf used to love halo and gears multiplayer. But lately, she shows no interest in any game...sigh

StephenMTP3097d ago

My gf has never shown more than a passing interest in my gaming. If a story is good, like Uncharted, she gets interested in the storyline, but not the game.

CaoimhinMTP3097d ago

You have to keep at it lads! Trust me. When the next few articles are out in the coming weeks you may get some ideas for yourselves, so you never know.