Nokia launches iPhone rival. The Nokia n82

Today Nokia announce the N82, a multi-media mobile phone that they hope will rival the iPhone.

The specifications include...

* 5 Mega Pixel Camera with Carl Zeis Lens with autofocus.
* Xenon Flash
* 2.4 QVGA display
* Fast camera activation and reloading between shots. 2.4 secs for startup until first pic, 2.4 secs between images
* Orientateor /accelerometer, which detects vertical/horizontal position of the phone (ala iPhone)
* Direct media downloads. Games & Music
* Best connectivity
* TV output (ala PSP slim & lite)
* WiFi
* Bluetooth
* Quad Band GSM

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pornflakes4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

Well, i like nokia...
but i think the "i" is just to famous to get a rival:)
iphone is a multimedia talent.

Anyways, the casual user just need a display to write some sms and call some friends.
And the 5MP is a no need in my eyes. If i want to make quality pics i use my FinePix F30, not a mobile phone.

Kholinar4933d ago

errr... so no mention of anything about the interface. I guess it's too early, but that's most of what matters in beating the iphone.

Both my fencing instructor and my basketball coach told me the same thing about winning strategies... that it's best to meet the person at their strength and then beat them with your strength. So if a fencer is fencing fast or a basketball team is running hard, you meet them at that pace, then you take them into your tempo, your game.

Iphone competitors need to meet Apple at the GUI (apple's strength) as equals, then destroy them with more features. No one's done that yet.

Bonsai12144933d ago

lack of touch screen means automatic fail when competing against the iPhone. it's its most highly rated feature.

BloodySinner4932d ago

Let's just hope this phone doesn't "rival" the iPhone in the price tag department.

JosefTor4932d ago

Lack of touch screen, not as cool/slick looking, and probably not as cool of an interface... how is this an iPhone rival... or at least a good rival.