One Piece: Kaizoku Musou Possibly to PS3

Namco Bandai and Tecmo Koei could have a One Piece game for PS3 in the works.

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belal3093d ago

That would be fun, but rather cyberconnect to make this as they have made som good naruto games.

zeal0us3093d ago

I wouldn't mind see a new one piece game

Out of the three(Bleach,Naruto,OnePiece)

I have to say Naruto have done the best video-game wise,Bleach right behind them and One piece sadly at end.

CrescentFang3093d ago

I thought those One Piece games on the DS and Wii were good (the ones we never got). I think they all have a good around games. Naruto's CC2 games are considered great (not those ones by Tommy though).
Bleach's Heat the Soul series that is only in Japan is great as well (I like the Treasure games though and I haven't played the PS3 one yet)
Sadly for One Piece we haven't gotten any of their good games. Ganbarion (who made Pandora's Tower, which is basically their only original game since they only make One Piece games lol) has those Unlimited Cruise and Gigant Battle games we don't have either. And how 4kids ruined One Piece I don't think it will ever get popular outside Japan :(
Let's just hope this one gets outside Japan right :) (I believe the PAL regions got the Unlimited Cruise games though...)

Simon_Brezhnev3093d ago

I wonder if there is a game i wonder do you get to play with the older Luffy.

SnipeySnake3093d ago

OMG i've been waiting for this for years!!

nyobzoo3093d ago

finally, a HD One Piece game

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The story is too old to be commented.