Broken Code Leads to New Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC

GOS: "Recently the code that shows up in Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been broken by Blues News which leads us to more Deus Ex goodness in the form of DLC, according to what a source told VG247.

This new event spans two days aboard a ship while the player is isolated from any communications normally found in Human Revolution. Exploration of the vessel reveals it is actually a floating prison filled with cells and sentry towers."

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BiggCMan3091d ago

I'm getting this game for free, pretty happy about that! I'm building a computer right now, and the graphics card i'm getting from newegg comes with a coupon for a free copy of this! Pretty sweet deal man. Looking forward to playing it, I've heard good things.

CharlesDCI3091d ago

It is a great game. GOTY material by far!

Jio3091d ago

Best game I've played in a long time.

BakedGoods3091d ago

Man, if you can play JC Denton, that'd be absolutely insane. Especially if they replicate all the augs from the original (although admittedly, DX:HR augs are better). What a throw-back!

Brixxer6003091d ago

Excellent stuff . I've just beaten the 3rd boss on my playthrough so i'm assuming i don't have far to go but that's just my 1st playthrough , i'm already thinking of my character build for my 2nd run . DLC will be a superb bonus.