360Sync: Survival of the Fastest – Trials Evolution Preview

To the uninitiated, RedLynx’s 2009 Summer of Arcade release, Trials HD, seemed nothing more than a $15 take on the legions of balance-oriented browser-based biking games. However, the players that took the plunge and purchased it will most likely attest to the fact that Trials HD turned out to be a much more satisfying experience than what it showed on the surface. Intensely competitive friend leaderboards; legitimately challenging, knuckle-whitening courses; a ton of unique mini-games; and some over-the-top, red-blooded explosions for good measure culminated in one of the most memorable and addicting games in recent memory. Building a game with no narrative can be a tricky endeavor to keep the player engaged, but RedLynx pulled it off to a tee.

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