Interview with Konami's Brandon Cox about Zone Of Enders 3

GamerFitNation's BlackBible interviews Konami's Brandon Cox. They talk about gaming's evolution, Zone Of Enders HD having online play, and Zone of Enders 3.

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"Honk" if you want Zone Of Enders 3! ;)

Jack_DangerousIy3095d ago


*Honk Honk*.... :/

I didn't want to do that... But I DO want ZOE3 lol


BLACKBIBLE3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

LOL, Look as it stands now KOJIMA is holding ZOE3 Hostage, until he see the sales of Zone of Enders HD Collection's. But what I found funny speaking to bring is that he knew about it. Why is that funny? because a few years back when I worked for MTV Networks I meet with big Konami reps who had no clue about the title.

They knew about Metal Gear of course but not about ZoE. This lead me to believe that the title wasn't something worth bringing up again unlike Metal Gear. Brandon and many other not only had knowledge of the appeal of the game, But didn't denied anything when ask about ZOE3.

My point, when asked about FF7, Square flat out said "no remake." Whatever the case behind it was the point was that yes, we acknowledge that fans want this game but we're too busy to make a past title. With ZoE3 you get a different feel, preparation are bring made to get to the point of them say "yes!"

Dart893095d ago

*Honk Honk Honk Honk*:P.

BLACKBIBLE3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

LMAO! let's be real people who don't want this game. Have not played any of the games. To me ZOE is the best Mech Game ever. You can disagree if you like but it doesn't change the fact that this is the best Mech Game I and most others have played. :) Let's hope Konami and convince the man with the plan to make the game.

DA_SHREDDER3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )


ZOE is the only good mech game to ever come out, period. All those other crappy, slow, ugly mech games couldn't polish Jehuty's thruster boots when it comes to the fluidity, power, and technology that is involved in the whole series. The storyline for both ZOE 1 and 2 might be short, but was ahead of its time.

BTW, I really liked how the open world was in ZOE1, they really should have capitalized on that scope of things. Also, it would be HUGE if they added online to the versus mode. ZOE is probably the most underrated game of all time, and most likely will end up being the most underestimated game when it comes to battle mechs online. This game is a mech fans dream. I will pray to God that ZOE HD remake comes with online multiplayer. If ZOE 3 comes out, it better have both online multiplayer and Co-op. Please Jesus make this happen.

Edit: Also, I would like to mention dudes like Brandon Cox is exactly whats wrong with the industry. Its attitudes like that why fans don't get what we want. We need people in the gaming industry that go onto gaming websites, gaming events, forums, and comments sections to really get into the mind of what the true fans and gamers want in a game.

Im sure if someone could had enough balls to say "hey this needs to happen" even in the gaming tester level, things would change. I talked to someone who worked on Red Faction and asked him why they even made it a TPS? He said he understood how I felt about things, but if he would have confronted his superiors about his real feelings of the game, they probably either wouldn't have listened, and probably lost his job cause of it. Well guess what? He ended up losing his job and the series was considered officially dead last month due to poor sales. We need more passionate people in the dev industry.

Black Bible, I totally appreciate you telling Mr. Cox exactly how you felt, its just a shame he took what you said with a grain of salt. From what I could see in his eyes, all he cares is about putting food on his table, which is fair in his own right, but thats why we need people like you making games, not people who do it for the extra bread.


How's it going bro, had a blast at E3. Love the intro and caption piece at the bottom. Who set that all up? Honkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkk....ZOE can't come soon enough bro and good try lol

zerocrossing3095d ago

Last I heard, the news is it's almost official that a 3rd Z.O.E game will be on the 3DS if Kojima's twitter pic is anything to go by. I can't be sure that it will be a direct sequel to Z.O.E 2 but Z.O.E(3)DS looks like a double meaning play on words to me, and as we all know that's Kokima's style :)

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zerocrossing3095d ago

That was a interview about Z.O.E 3!? O.o
The term "interview" doesn't usually bring to mind what I just saw, no news here whatsoever.

xxxAbsoluteZero3095d ago

I'd love to see ZOE3. I wasn't the biggest fan of the first 2 but considering the HD remakes I'm definitely gonna take this chance to get back into the series.

PMSBlackQueen3095d ago

Oh yes indeed..."Honk!" I want it!

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