New Doodad Accelerator Added to Mystery Ball

I am pleased to announce the latest Doodad in Mystery Ball: the Accelerator! Like most Doodads, the Accelerator comes in two flavors: the standard-fare, push you really hard Accelerator, and the momentum-crushing, Decelerator. To switch between modes, you simply tap on the Doodad.

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Scumlabs3096d ago

This game looks like it's going to be amazing!

halocursed3095d ago

I hope it's released for Android tablets soon.

cb8103095d ago

I wish I could beta test this game until it's final release. Looks like I will be probably be obsessed with this one...

teedubya3095d ago

Hey CB... if you are interested in Beta Testing... connect with @davidbhowe on twitter. I saw that they are looking for a couple right now.

CatSanderson3095d ago

Doodad, that's an awesome name for extras in a game! This game will definitely be interesting when it comes out.

zzfive3095d ago

I saw the trailer teaser. So far I'm liking the development of this game. I hope it comes out on all platforms in the future.

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