Maximum PSN Trophy level obtained and Caught on video []

Video footage of the current PSN trophy level cap being obtained by the #1 trophy hunter in the world. Hakoom started trophy hunting in 2008 and it took him 3 years of trophy hunting to obtain the maximum level. Compare your trophy level with Hakoom to see how you rank against the best legitimate trophy hunter in the world. Enjoy the video.

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PantherDST3096d ago

Level 50 huh.... Something smells fishy. I play a lot of games. I avg 20-30 hrs per week since the PS3 first came out, and I'm nowhere level 50, but around lvl 13. If I had to guess about Hakoom reaching level 50 I think he did it using other peoples save games, and loading the game under his profile. I could be all wrong and he did honestly. We'll just never know.

DarkTower8053096d ago

Multiple people playing on one account is more logical.

iamnsuperman3096d ago

That's true. To me cheat isn't the first thing that comes to mind. The first thing is how is he affording this.

ABizzel13096d ago

Like you to said, it's more logical that more than one person is playing on that PS3.


I've had my PS3 since launch and I play maybe 5 - 10 hours per week, and I'm at level 18. It's all a matter of how many different games you play. I've played probably 100 games and just beating them nets you nearly 50% of the trophies in each game. If you play only a few games over and over again then your trophy score won't go up as fast as someone like myself who plays about 20 games per year.

Also PSN titles generally have trophies as well, and some games make trophy hunting easy (sports), while others take for (RPG's). It all just depends.

One things for sure they have no life outside of video games to make it to level 50.

aGameDeveloper3096d ago

He could be independently wealthy and play 10 hours or more a day. I was happy to see I had him beat at Pixeljunk Shooter, at least!

DaTruth3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

I didn't sync my trophies before my 60gig died! When I reloaded my save for FF13, I lost a few trophies and had to replay the whole game to get them again, as there was no way to redo those specific actions and I was only able to salvage my most recent save!

Maybe that works for some trophies, but not for all!

Edit: I'm not really into trophies, but on some RPG's it feels like another quest and is really enjoyable.(the only part of FF13 that feels like an RPG is the trophy hunt) Also, Uncharted had a bunch of unlockables that made me want to 100% it, and though I did this before trophies, it just seemed stupid to have all the requirements for the trophies, but not have the trophies; so I redid it!

Boody-Bandit3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Now that is a LOT of gaming!

I am not even sure what level I am at. I don't play a wide variety of games and I tend to spend hundreds or hours on certain types of games so I don't have a lot of trophies or achievements. I think I am like a level 13 or 14 on PSN and have 47k on XBL but I'm guessing.

If this is what this gamer is into than all the kudos in the world to him. That is quite an accomplishment for a trophy hunter.

Does the PS3 top off at level 50?
If so that would suck for a guy like this.
It's like hitting the highest level prestige in COD, not that I ever would or did. But where do you go from here for guys like this?

guitarded773095d ago

To the conspiracy theorists Hakoom has been doing this for a while. Here's a link to his website so you can stop with your "what I think comments".

NukaCola3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Until Hakoom was truly revealed, I honestly thought it was the official PS Blog account that everyone uses. This is some serious dedication. I don't know how anyone is that good to beat all this so fast. I mean there are multiple plats for games that take 100s of hours to complete. I can't even speculate on how this is theorectically or scientifically possible.

Hakoom's Bronze Trophies are OVER 9000!!!!!!!!

Considered the mind this:

Kleptic3095d ago

What does this 'max level 50' thing mean though? (the page isn't loading for me, so not sure if its in there)...

Does it mean as of right now you can't get above a level 50?...I'm asking because just based on screens i've seen of this guy the last few weeks; he hasn't platinum'd every game he there are additional trophies available to him...and I wonder what the total number of available trophies is right now..meaning there has to be a fixed number, but it increases with every new release each week...

pixelsword3095d ago

I can almost hear the guy from Crysis' voice saying

"Maximum Trophies"

And then the PS3 transforms into a monster and kills you.

bman333095d ago

Yeah, all the top trophy hunters just have multiple users playing on the account and Hakoom is no different. Now that he has 250 platinums it will be hard to see it, but if you searched thoroughly through his trophies, you would find that there are multiple games that he earned trophies for at the same time and date.

guitarded773095d ago

The max trophy level is currently 50. I assume the algorithm written for trophy score caps at that point because they didn't expect people to achieve to that level this gen. It should be a very easy fix if Sony decides to raise the cap.

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theEx1Le3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

I know people who play less and have way more trophies than you. Just because you can't do it doesn't mean someone who has, cheated to do so. Thats an unfair assumption.

mafiahajeri3096d ago

I agree. First off your trophy level increases ALOT when you plat a game and I read the article and he has 285 platinums I mean if thats not going to get you to level 50 I dont know what is.

Also about hacking and savefiles it would show if he was hacking with the trophy unlock times and it doesnt.

SuperStrokey11233096d ago

I was going to say the same thing, amount of time playing does not equate to amount of trophies either. IF you play games just to play them instead of whoring through trophies your time could be really high and your trophies low.

moho-foe3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

Go check youtube if you think he cheats, he got Ninja Sigma 2 plat on film (hardest plats ever) for his 200. This guy does nothing but get trophies. Just because someone has a lot of trophies does not mean he cheated.

Oh FYI hes not from Kuwait he's from Bahrain.

Congrats Hakoom!

Septic3096d ago

Where are you from moho-foe out of interest? I'm thinking of moving to KSA.

OT- that is an impressive feat. I'm not even going to post my level on here lol.

kza3095d ago

boostings is cheating you are suppose to earn trophies. Of course this guy cheats and hacks but he wont admitt it so dont give him fake credit this guys a joke.

andibandit3095d ago

Yeah congrats Hakoom,

That is one lifetime achievement that i wouldn't want

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FACTUAL evidence3096d ago

Actually duck360 has the most psn trophies......and the most platinums. This is fail.

moho-foe3096d ago

Duck is the cheater he has claimed at least 5 people play on his account. google it

FriedGoat3096d ago

Hakoom is also a cheater, I watched a video and he had 2 trophies for collecting 50 and collecting 100 at the same time and date. cant remember what game but this is not news.

JoGam3096d ago

@ HAKOOM...Dude seriously, you got all those damn platinums but you're only 31% in inFAMOUS 2? Really? What wrong with that picture?

red2tango3096d ago

Maybe he just started...?

gedapeleda3095d ago

I'm happy that i beat him in bad company 1,This is the only one than shows how bad ass trophy hunter you are

kza3095d ago

Because the games not online apart from the make ur own missions but u cant cant boost(cheat) ur way through to get the Plat like he does with EVERY online trophie. this guy is a HACKER!!!

pixelsword3095d ago

He just started in Infamous 2 because when he first brought up his profile, they were filled with Infamous2 trophies.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3095d ago

lol..the socom confrontation trophy count....This guy hits several horrible games to get the trophies just to get trophies. Seriously like 4 different disney sing it games??? im sure the Hannah Montana trophy is there as well.


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arjman3095d ago

How do you kill that which has no life?

Miiikeyyy3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

Hakoom hacked some of his trophies. Duck360 (He hacks his trophies, so He obviously can tell if Hakoom has done the same) has proved he has, look at the stuff posted in the links:

Don't dissagree, It shows he's hacked.
How could he have collected 25 then 50 cop badges at the same time in dead to rights.

waltyftm3096d ago

What a dirty rotten cheat.

Sandmano3096d ago

LOL you make me laugh! Havent you heard of glitches? Oh sorry I forgot trophies are perfect and can never ever glitch on you! /sarcasm

Dude Ive seen you on all Hakooms articles trolling.

Also stop talking in 3rd person duck! or ducks! LOL! How many are you guys 5? I spotted kza and zerochaos who is probably zero_q8 YES the guy that helps duck360 get trophies. LOL!

SonyStyled3096d ago

appearently youve missed some articles of him explaining why that is. the trophys are glitched. people accuse him of hacking all the time, really the trophies are just glitched. the glitch is that if you join in an online match with someone whos ranked 50, the 25 and 50 trophies unlock for you. he even said he wasnt aware of the glitch untill it was too late. the article of him explaining everything was posted a few days ago on this site. you must have missed it?

kza3095d ago

yep Ducks better because he admits he hacks but Hakoom wont admit it, he think wer all fools lol he cant fool me CHEATER Hakoom.

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BakedGoods3096d ago

There's no way you can game that much and only be 13. I know guys who started playing PS3 only recently and are level 14+.

JaredH3096d ago

I agree that it seems odd but a guy has like 25,000 achievements on xbox without cheating so it is plausible. I would never play games like Ben 10 just for trophies though and how the hell does he get all the trophies for games like guitar hero with expert on every instrument. Trophies to me just add challenges that I can try to do after I've beaten a game already but I guess for some it makes them play garbage games just to get a higher level that doesn't mean anything.

3096d ago
kreate3096d ago

some trophies are just glitched so u hav to put the extra effort to get them.

also good to note few trophies are glitched in ur favor hence u can unlock 2-3 trophies at once so it appears like it might of been cheated.

but most glitched trophies are glitched against ur favor.

Ricardoportillo043096d ago

im pretty sure you cant do that cause doesnt every game tell you something about not letting you get the trophies because its not your does it for LBP

elbeasto863096d ago

I play maybe less than 10 hours a week and I'm at level 13.

Spitfire_Riggz3096d ago

Freaking took years to sync his trophies lol

capcock3096d ago

lol 20-30 hrs/week since 2006 and lvl 13?
I have had ps3 since mid 2010 and I play like 10-15 Hours/month and I'm lvl 11 and I'm not even trophy hunting xD

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3095d ago

maybe the dude enjoys certain games and plays only those games, I have a variety of trophies and no plats I bounce around from game to game. Its not all about stupid ass achievements and trophies, its about playing with your friends and enjoying some of the games you have without trying to repeat a level 15 times to kill 3 guys with a grenade at one time.

Emilio_Estevez3096d ago

Transferring saves disables getting trophies on the new profile.

VampHuntD3096d ago

On some games that is true, but not on most. For example, Disgaea 3 saves will still allow trophies from a copied save.

mt3096d ago

do you think sony is not watching him since he has the most trophies in psn ?

so there is noting fishy it is just your apartment smells that fishy.

JsonHenry3095d ago

I kinda wish I got into trophies/achievements/steam achievements to get more out of my games. But I just can't seem to care less no matter how hard I try. :/

zeddy3095d ago

this is for a website though isnt it? he or others might be doing it for fun but they are helping other gamers by doing guides.

FreydaWright3095d ago

I know this website is based solely on gaming, but I have to say... 20-30 hours a week? Do you not go to school or have a job?

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3095d ago

Man I envy him, his girlfriend/wife must be so proud of him /S

How in the hell would anyone have time to play video games this much, there is no way he works/or does anything other than sit in front of a tv playing games. There are some games he "completed" that require numerous hours to grind out, I call bs.
"For more info join my facebook fanpage"....what a tool

subtenko3095d ago

Who else was waiting for something major to happen like an earthquake after he hit level 50? xD

Agree or Disagree if you Agree or Disagree

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Istanbull3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

Impressive, I have someone on my list who is level 30.

I'm level 14, 55% with 20 platinums and very proud about this!

If you wanna meet trophy hunters go to ps3trophies lol

goku323593096d ago

lol im level 14, 52% with only 4 platinums. i play a lot of games, but i usually never try to platinum them because its too time consuming lol

kramun3096d ago

I'm on level 10 with no platinums, is that good? I don't really care tbh as I play games to enjoy them, not to get trophies, but I do complete most of my games with the exceptions of games I've bought for my kids.

3096d ago
daddy773096d ago

at kramun

YOu said it man,you play games to enjoy it.I do the same,I have 7 plat and realised how much time I wasted to platinum those( I like to plat only the best games I love and not Hanna Montana etc LOL)...

Tru_Blu3095d ago

level 20 with 56 plats. Everyone of them is legit also!

gamingdroid3096d ago (Edited 3096d ago )

There is a cap on the level?

edit: @Trophywhore

Such an awesome answer from such an awesome username!

That was my point, why is there a cap? The cap should be determined by the number of trophies in games available.

My guess, is that points to reach a level are manually determined, and Sony haven't figured out what those levels are yet.

mafiahajeri3096d ago

If you read the article it says that 50 is the maximum you can go. Sony should patch it to a 100.

Trophywhore3096d ago

There should be no cap. Infinite games=infinite trophies to obtain. Make that cap 1 million minimum.

jerethdagryphon3096d ago

now that its been reached sony will up it

Redempteur3095d ago

there are always CAPS, even your watch has caps.

Overflows in electronics are happening because you go over the caps while calculating numbers...
This is a standard thing on every device. It can be patched to allow for more afterwards but there is nothing wrong with LV 50 when you considers the time needed to get to it.

gamingdroid3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Well, the cap on a overflow of 32-bit integer is 4,294,967,295. That is 4 billion plus!

None the less it is hardly the same as a level 50 cap that is hard to believe it is a technical issue.

If there is a technical reason, the only one I can think of is the database column isn't wide enough to accommodate a higher Trophies point which could be a pain to resize due to testing.

However, it is still odd to me not to have a higher level possible from the onset. Then again there are all sorts of questions and issues that arises, since trophy level isn't linearly scaled. The vast majority will not reach the max, and as you go higher up it gets harder to level up and thereby reduce the incentive to the masses, but the most dedicated.

You want

Redempteur3095d ago

i agree gamindroid.

But you don't know for sure how the level of the trophies are calculated .Also yes the database collumn isn't wide enough but when creating ( or expanding a database ) you don't put a HUGE margin , you try to guess a reasonnable width.

Nobody will create a table for billions of users with huge margin , it's a pain to manage. AND it cost a LOT