Disgaea 4 Preview Stream

TGH Writes: Everyone is awaiting NIS America’s next big title Disgaea 4 after many years of waiting. Well we got our hands on it and we will be live streaming the title tonight at 6pm EST for our fans to check out. We hope you can join us.

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ShadyDevil3091d ago

I like the Disgea series hope they improved it with even FUNNIER dialog. There's always so much to do as well.

3091d ago
Kamikaze1353091d ago

I just bought this game (in NY). So far, the dialog is much funnier than Disgaea 3 and I love Disgaea 3.

starfox_1183091d ago

Ah I'm looking forward to playing this when it comes out and I can get my hands on it. I played D3 and quite enjoyed it but it was rather blurry for a PS3 game, least it seemed it. Should be good to see it in all its new glory!

3091d ago