TriOviz Brings 3D TV To 2D TV's at a Very Reasonable Price : writes "Its fair to say that 3D is not going to be a passing fad, it’s also fair to say that due to the costs involved in upgrading to a 3D TV it will remain out of a lot of gamers grasp for quite a while yet, but fear not there is another option open to gamers to get a 3D experience with minimal financial output."

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BoneIdle3103d ago

It doesnt give you the items flying out at you but does give a lot of depth. Downsides do include things having a shade of pink or green depending on your strong eye. but for 30 quid you ca't go wrong. Unless you get the paper glasses for free with batman.

kma2k3103d ago

I cant load the it just my computer?

topekomsi3103d ago

Nope, I'm having same prob.

Morbius4203103d ago

No...I can't load it either.

SonyStyled3103d ago

so the pink and green lenses just confuses your brain? i think ill keep using that black market stuff ive been buying for now but in all seriousness does this work for all games or just batman and Geow3?

morkendo3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

link FINALLY loaded TRIOVIZ page dont mention where to buy the 3D glasses best buy,target,toy's r us,game stop??
it say AVALIBLE NOW!! but where??

@sony above
the site only mention... Already on the list of games on the market that support this 3D rendering is (Batman Arkham Asylum) and the soon to be released follow up (Arkham City). (Enslaved) also has an option that can be purchased as additional "DLC as well as Terra."

no other games at this time.

TheDivine3103d ago

Theres a device called 3d gamer and 3d theater that convert any hdtv into 3d with shutter lenses. A 120hz would be 60frames per eye and a 60hz would be 30 per eye. Ive heard it works well (about 200 bucks) but 3dtvs are cheap now just buy one.

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