What could we expect at Tokyo Game Show 2011 from Square-Enix?

The Tokyo Game Show is only a few weeks away and we can’t help but speculate over what Square-Enix has coming for us. A Release Date of Final Fantasy Versus XIII perhaps? A gameplay trailer of Dragon Quest X? Read more for our speculations of what's to come from the gargantuan Japanese developer.

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Laypoof3099d ago

*sigh* Square-Enix how much you've changed over the times.....

TurismoGTR3099d ago

Square always annouce a new game and never show us anything new next year about it..

It's going to be this

2011 TGS - Final Fantasy Cloud
2012 TGS - Final Fantasy Space
2013 TGS - Final Fantasy New Case Zero..
2014 TGS - Final Fantasy PS4 Demo
2015 TGS - Final Fantasy Cloud PS4 Demo
2016 TGS - Final Fantasy Versus New Teaser
2017 TGS - Square Went Bankrupt.

jacksonmichael3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

Dragon Quest X! And... hopefully some HD collections... Oh, the past... How I miss you...

Edit: Hey, guys. Am I becoming a troll? What do you think?

AdamJensen3099d ago

I can tell you what we WON'T see.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

KingPin3099d ago

agreed. its like that game went up in smoke but they dont wanna tell the ps3 gamers knowing full well they will pass on any of their future releases.

honestly, i gave up on square a long time ago. theie rpgs went from must haves to bargain bin buys for me. and its not even a first choice in the bargain bin either. more like a last resort.

Stealth2k3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

dragon quest X, and 4 warriors of light 2 has been rumored.

Quite honestly there known lineup blows most away

Reaper99373099d ago

No respectable gamer gives a sh!t about Square Enix anymore.

Since the merger with Enix, Square has become a shadow of its former self...I remember the days when Square [Squaresoft to be precise] actually meant quality, now all their games are just bargain bin very sad.

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The story is too old to be commented.