10 Of The Best Looking Waterfalls in Gaming

"The moving parts and intricate details that make up outdoor environments have challenged developers since the dawn of time (or the dawn of the game’s industry at least.) The sway of trees and leaves in the wind, the subtle movements of cloud and most impressively as of late, the raw power of the water. Rivers and lakes have always posed as beautiful scenery in gaming, but waterfalls trump the lot. Here are ten awesome looking waterfalls in gaming."

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WolfLeBlack3101d ago

Ah, beggining to run out of things to do a Top Ten about? :D

gameseveryday3101d ago

atleast its better than 'Top 10 games of all time' or 'top 10 first person shooters'.

Blaine3101d ago

Soon they'll be able to make their own "Top 10 bad ideas for a Top 10 list".

kramun3101d ago

I'd like a 'Top 10 coffee tables in games of all time' article. That would be great. Especially if it had one image to a page, with very little text, spread over 10 pages.

That would be awesome.

SeanScythe3101d ago

First of all the Water falls in Uncharted 2 far out do any of these. Second Not to put the awesome vista view of the water falls in Red Dead Redemption was just stupid. And to put games that look like crap makes no sense. 10 Of The Best Looking Waterfalls not 10 water falls from random games.

AKS3101d ago

How about top 10 digital piles of trash?

The garbage in Crysis 2 looks so amazing! Here's a screenshot to prove it:


Don't let me down, GamingBolt! LOL.

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maniacmayhem3101d ago

Slow news day i see...

Top 10 static screens inbound

jdfoster3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Come on... the water fall in Uncharted 2 defeats all of them! (Can't remember what the level was called in sp (in the mountains though) and was in a mp pack) EDIT- The map was called Sanctuary and here is a vid of the waterfall Here is a better video of the water fall here skip to 5:15 ish :)

Pikajew3101d ago

Next will be top 10 footwear in gaming

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The story is too old to be commented.