UK Retailer GAME Offering Playable Robin + More With Batman: Arkham City Pre-Order British retailer GAME have announced that they will be offering Robin as a pre order incentive for Batman: Arkham City.

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FAGOL3096d ago

You get the Joker challenge rooms and a steelbook for £34.70 with Tesco Entertainment.

jriquelme_paraguay3096d ago

this PRE ORDER Bonuses are out of control...
All deserve the same!!!!
DLC? F*you! Put it on the Disc!

MagicAccent3096d ago

Who the hell wants to play as Robin?

AliTheBrit4203096d ago

GAME and by extension Gamestation are bad places to buy from, just dont do it

jay23096d ago

PMSL £5 deposit NO!