IGN: Hands-on with Sony's Personal 3D Viewer

At CES 2011, Sony introduced the 3D Head Mounted Display -- a conceptual prototype visor, which looked like it came straight out of Tron: Legacy. At the time, Sony said it had no plans to bring the product to retail, but now, eight months later, the futuristic headgear is back with a new name, a slightly revised design, and a confirmed 2011 release.

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jp_footy23103d ago

This sounds really good.

Takoulya3103d ago

Yeah, but I'm really not liking the sound of a 45 degree viewing angle. I was really wishing that this would finally bring real peripheral vision to video games, but I guess that'll have to hold off until later.

Mrmagnumman3573103d ago

Actually the screen wraps around the visor, so all you can see is the game

Takoulya3103d ago

That's pretty good then! I wonder if it'll have PSEye implementation. I really don't think developers will focus on it, though, judging by its price point.

darthv723103d ago

sega and atari's efforts to create an hmd for gaming and home VR.

CynicalVision3103d ago

So the only connection needed is a single HDMI cable that plugs from the headset to the PS3, is that correct?

jp_footy23103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Via the processor unit.

From the press release:

"This device must be connected to the supplied processor unit via supplied cable, and the processor unit must be connected to a playback device such as a Blu-ray disc™ device via the HDMI cable."

CynicalVision3103d ago

Oh thanks for clearing that up, does that mean it requires a power socket too?

Fishy Fingers3103d ago

Struggled to navigate as he couldnt see the controller? Pretty sure if you work for a gaming site like IGN you should be able to remember where which buttons are.

Very nice piece of kit, but not something I can see myself using, at least until the prices are much lower.

Blaze9293103d ago

just goes to show how many games IGN actually 'plays' anymore. BS website gives BS quality. Can't navigate as he couldnt see the controller - all I can do is smh. Can;t remember the last time I looked down at a controller.

Especially the PS3 when he's playing GT5 as it's the same controller style and buttons since PS1....

Sevir043103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

It wasn't just a dualshock 3, it was actually the gran turismo steering wheel! I'd imagine playing it on a wheel with a few buttons and gear shift using a head mount which takes away your luxury of peripheral vision would be a bit difficult to navigate initially!

kamakaz3md3103d ago

i know lmao what an idiot... girls have to look at the controller, smh...

Ddouble3103d ago

Since he said he was playing GT5, he could have been using a wheel.

maniacmayhem3103d ago

800 smackers!?!

maybe Sony should hold off on this until the price of tech for this comes down. Also this being wired is kind of a turn off.

Eu3103d ago

This is, basicly, a test run to see if people will even want those time pass the tech to be wireless (wich is pretty much out already, but too expensive...) will be coming, price will drop, the design will improve as well all esle too and so on.

Probably some of Sony people are thinking:
"This time around we come out with it FIRST. I want to see the naysayers with their "Sony is the CoPY cat! again..."

CynicalVision3103d ago

Just think how long this device would last you though, be able to use it for the rest of this generation on Playstation 3 and then connect it to the next Playstation.

It's just a headset so it's not like it can be quickly outdated.

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The story is too old to be commented.