The List Behind The Console Scores

From Toasty Controller...

"Alright, so yesterday I posted this little piece with a bunch of numbers I got from GameRankings and posted which console had the best average score in their respective Top 20 games, which were picked by me under certain guidelines that you all hated. That's okay though, because I'm fueled with nothing but good vibes, so I can do this for the rest of my life.

To the original point, I had to revise these lists several times due to a couple readers pointing out a some flaws, and now I've finally revised it and it all add's up now. Get your finger tips ready to pointlessly tell me I'm stupid, or whatever web haters do to make themselves feel better.

Now, shall we?"

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iamnsuperman3095d ago

I am not sure but if you going to count Mass effect as an Xbox exclusive because it came out a year before but then surely you should count the PS3 version as it is different. Even gets a different score. You either get rid of all non exclusives or count the versions as well

Matt06113095d ago

My friend, you should lay back and ease up a little bit, let other people have some freedom.

In my opinion; games tend to lose their magic after they have been out awhile, so that's why Mass Effect 2 wasn't on the PS3 list. Same reason why no Grand Theft Auto game appears on the Xbox list. I'm pretty sure Mass Effect 2 came included with DLC for the PS3, which I'm trying to rule out all expansion packs/dlc in the list.

This is just simply the filter I set it under. I'm sorry if no one likes what games I included, or why I included certain games, but I just felt like finding these numbers under my own filter, and here they are.

They come as just as big of a surprise to me as they do for everyone else.

iamnsuperman3095d ago

I am not saying they do not come out as a surprise but I can question the filter. You should be taken our feedback to build a better case. Mass effect 2 on the PS3 uses a different engine. As part of the community I must question the filter.

GamersRulz3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

I noticed some changes in the overall ranking, I remember PS3 being last, what happened now?

after the revision PS3 went up, Wii, 360 down, hmmm, interesting