4 ways Halo 4 shouldn't be like Halo

Halo 4 needs to be a little less Halo and a lot more Reclaimer.

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Sadie21003099d ago

I dunno. I see what this writer means when he says to ditch the jetpacks, but now that I'm used to them (or sprint), it's kinda hard to get away from that.

TheDareDevil3098d ago

I know Jetpacks are so awesome!
The Halo: Reach music that plays in the beginning is so awesome.

choadley3098d ago

I might get into the series if Sotaro Tojima doesn't go for a traditional score and derives inspiration from the 2D Castlevania games.

NagaSotuva3098d ago

If the series ditches the rings, shouldn't it also change the title?

OC_MurphysLaw3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

I am sure Halo 4 will play it relatively safe on the gameplay side. I highly doubt we will see any major tweaks to game mechanics.

I do hope they take this opportunity to bring about some customization that has meaning beyond a "look". I loved the way they handled pts / experience in reach but felt the rewards were pretty underwhelming. Many will disagree...but doing something akin to MW or BF's load out customization and earning would be welcome for me in the halo universe.

edit: maybe in hind sight...leave the Master Chief Halo games as is, but create a UNSC Marine FPS game? I alos would love to see the space combat side of the Halo universe get explored more. Reading some of the fiction tells me there are so many capital ship space battles that would be awesome to control and play out. Just my two cents.

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