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zeeshan3103d ago

Ok this is much better and sounds more organized. This should also span across a number of other sony devices. Sounds like a good move!

gamingdroid3103d ago

Beyond a name change, what else is new? Frankly confused about this announcement.

Xof3102d ago

It's a rebranding. It's common with companies after recieving a big PR hit. This is a move to get "away" from the Playstation Network Hacking fiasco.


"Philip Morris" (famous tobacco company) became "Altria."

"AIG," (labelled by the US congress as "too big to fail"--one of the chief factors in the current economic crisi) became "Sagepoint Financial" (and "VALIC" --Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company).

"Blackwater Worldwide" (mercenaries--private military corporation, to use the euphemism--used in US occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan) became "Xe Services."

It's pretty common. You take a name that has negative connotation, and replace it with a pleasnant or neutral sounding name, hoping that no one will notice.

And apparently it's a tactic that works quite well.

gamingdroid3102d ago

Thanks! I had completely forgotten about the hacking incident.

Preying on the unknown people, capitalism at it's finest!

Biggest3102d ago

You didn't even have to read the press release to see that the Playstation Network has nothing to do with this name change. The name of the music/video service was changed. There is no rebranding of the Playstation Network (you use your Playstation Network user name and password to access content on the Sony Entertainment Network), but I know that won't stop you two from loving to hate.

SilentNegotiator3102d ago

You wouldn't be if you read the article :/

WhiteLightning3102d ago

@ Xof

I thought they were going to do this before the whole hacking thing, didn't the PSN getting hacked just delay them.

Drekken3102d ago

Xof, If Sony changed their name your comment would be worth something. They are just taking all of their services and putting them under the same name for less confusion. It helps people know what is 3rd party and what is Sony's.

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Istanbull3103d ago


Best TV's, best consoles, best laptops, best cameras etc

Arnon3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

uh.. Vaio laptops are NOT that good. In fact, I'd rate them in the lower section of laptops. They're horribly overpriced for the performance, and have a reputation of bad batteries, having a stupid amount of bloatware, and various other issues.

I'd much prefer a Lenovo, Acer, or HP (even though HP is now dropping out of the hardware business).

They do have badass TV's though.

Urrakia343103d ago

You'd take an Acer over a Vaio?! Wow....

Arnon3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Considering a Vaio is so horribly overpriced, probably. The little Acer notebooks are affordable and durable. Vaio has had some of the worst customer experience of any laptop currently available on the market.

Not to mention Sony customer support has been notorious for starting arguments.

To be honest, if I had to choose one, it would be an HP.

gamingdroid3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

I like Sony TV's, they are right there with Samsung and Panasonic in both quality and to some extent price. LG is pretty good too.

Beyond that, everything Sony sells is horribly overpriced including their laptop whom gets terrible support. They are right there with HP as sh!tty laptops go. I would buy a Toshiba, consumer grade Lenovo or Dell before them any day even at the same price!

Wouldn't surprise me if an Acer is better than a Vaio at all. Acer is relatively high quality for the low price ratio.

Get a Lenovo Thinkpad! Best support among the PC manufacturers and among the best quality. My old Thinkpad came out when Windows XP was the default and Vista wasn't out yet. However, it is happily today running Windows 7 with all the drivers. Lenovo makes sure there are compatible drivers for future OS!

I have to add that, Thinkpad have gone a little downhill since IBM sold the division to Lenovo though.

colombiankilla013102d ago

lol at the comments saying toshiba, acer and hp are better than sony vaios! If you think vaios are overpriced at $600 you should be thinking about finding a better job because I dont think you can afford anything on the market right now!

khamvongsa093102d ago

In my experience with my Vaio, I would have to say that yes it is a bit overpriced. Your really only paying for the brand name and the only reason why I got it was because the physical feel (weight, thickness, etc) of it compared to all the other similar laptops in the price range of $800. But the customer service (at least for me) was the best out of all my past experiences (Lenovo and HP/Compaq).

bozebo3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Lenovo and Vaio are typically the higher quality laptops.

You do pay more for them, but the build quality is a lot higher (aluminium casings etc). Personally, I got a cheap Dell laptop with a simple i3 cpu but a beastly graphics chip because I want to get the best gaming price to performance ratio, but if I had spare money I would have gotten a Vaio.

Bloatware is hardly a concern, considering 100% of all pre-purchased PCs from big companies come with retarded bloatware, that is just the standard and you should immediately install a fresh copy of Windows anyway (and you should never buy a branded desktop anyway because it WILL be a rip-off).

Sony's home digital cameras are the best, but they don't make the best production cameras (they aren't focussed on that market so much). I love my little Sony camera because it actually gives you control over the settings rather then forcing bad presets, saved about £200 by getting it rather than an expensive Cannon designed for photographers just to get that level of control.

They do have the best of everything else pretty much.

sikbeta3102d ago

It was a time, when Apple wasn't as huge as it is now, but it was getting some recognition, in that time the one to beat was VAIO, maybe it's not as big as it was years ago (mainly cos of the price, I guess), but those laptops have some real good quality...

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sikbeta3102d ago

Is there a way in which all PSN Services can be fused to make a huge-ass mega-service without restrictions based on the place in the world you live? like one Service which would be equal to anyone else and let me get, for example, the European VidZone and the gold library of Japanese PSN games, while I'm in America, that would be absolutely awesome...

remanutd553103d ago

it would be kool to have a playstation tv show

joeyisback3103d ago

hey go put that on ps share thing it wont let me give any more ideas

Undeadwolfy3103d ago

I know its not the same but they have Pulse, Play First and The Tester.

remanutd553103d ago

nop you said it right Undeadwolfy is not the same

thedisagreefairy3102d ago

i wonder what channel sony could play it on.

TBM3103d ago

This is only for europe right now right?

Vickistheman3102d ago

Glad they changed the name Qriocity to something else.

Platinum_k3102d ago

...this is how its done, and this is how Sony is going to do it!

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