The Savage Coast of Turan Opens on Age of Conan

Today Funcom opened the new Savage Coast of Turan adventure pack on Age of Conan, for those that purchased the early access (while those that got the normal package will be able to visit the new locations on September the 8th), introducing quite a lot of new content to the game.

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iiprotocolii3100d ago

Age of Conan *looks* good, but I've never found myself attracted to it like I am to other MMOs (yes, World of Warcraft). But, after looking at a couple of videos and this Savage Coast of Turan pack, I must say that it looks pretty good.

Before I make that jump, though, I need feedback from some of you guys as to whether or not Age of Conan is something that a hardcore MMO player would enjoy?

Abriael3100d ago

Personally, the raids in AoC are some of the best I've seen in a MMO (while initially they were quite buggy, which is one of the main reasons I left back in the day), definitely on par with WoW's, there also are more than in the average MMORPG, which adds quite a lot of variety.

Same can be said for 6-men instances.

Spenok3100d ago

I really enjoyed this game back when I was playing it. And since it is now free to play, I may just have to come back to it. I'll also have to say that watching the Conan movie last night made me want to play it as well.

I did try it just after it went free to play and there were quite a few visual bugs that weren't in the game previously. I know they did a visual engine overhaul from one of their other games (dreamfall) but is the game solid yet? Anyone know?

Abriael3100d ago

Personally I don't have any visual bug, maybe you went too high with the detail level? What kind of rig do you have?