Call of Duty: XP Walkthrough with Robert Bowling (HD 720p)

@Ve3tro: "See what they're cooking up at the Call of Duty XP event with this walkthrough led by Robert Bowling."

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fooxy3103d ago

Sorry but I can't stand that guy... Anyway did anybody saw this interview with him when somebody asked why CoD titles are not progressing at all in terms of new engine ? It was hilarious, well plus 4 the story tho !

Caleb_1413103d ago

Post the link :) I agree btw - he's damn annoying, haha

Shackdaddy8363103d ago

Eh. I don't think he's annoying. I actually think he's a pretty cool person. But the way he looks for some reason just makes me not like him.

fluffydelusions3103d ago

Scrapyard recreated looks pretty cool.

JeffGUNZ3103d ago

That's actually pretty cool. It's amazing how big COD is that they can have an event like this to just show off the multiplayer for the first time.

Shackdaddy8363103d ago

The paintball is going to be a lag-fest :\

I wanna know what type of people are gonna play the paintball though. It would be hilarious if it was a bunch of geeky kids trying to huff-n-puff around with akimbo paintball guns :)

AstroZombie13103d ago

For all the money COD has made and is spent on it but still no Dedicated Servers for consoles is really quite saddening.

BX813103d ago

Yeah no kidding. I forgot who I was watching, but they were talking about MW3 and they said they listened to the fans who wanted dedicated servers and the fans that complained about it for the consoles. Can some one please explain to me the down side to dedicated servers? I pretty sure it was someone from sledge. Don't quote me on that though.