Battlefield 3 is Somewhat Censored Because DICE Doesn’t Trust You

War is never good. In war, terrible things happen to good people and innocent lives are unjustly taken. When it comes to developing an authentic war simulator, how then do you capture that harsh reality… or do you simply avoid it all together?

When playing a video game in the safety and comfort of your home, using digital recreations of real-world weaponry to lay waste to perceived enemies, it becomes easy to do unrealistic things, make unnatural decisions. In Grand Theft Auto, players kill police officers and steal their cars because it’s fun. In first person shooters, if civilians are around, some will shoot them to be “naughty” and this is something DICE does not want to be a part of Battlefield 3.

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Orpheus3098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

A bullshit title !!!
Dice has trusted the market and invested tons of money in a game ... that is enough !!!

And moreover this game is uber realistic killing a civilian would look a lot more ugly than it would in GTA.

-Alpha3098d ago

Why do we want to shoot civilians in BF again?

CrimsonEngage3098d ago

Who cares about civilians? All i care about is MP! If i want to kill civilians i'll play GTA.

Skate-AK3097d ago

I totally would see people doing that, but I wont even think twice on why there is no civilians. I'll be too busy trying to get out of a crumbing building.

jagstatboy3097d ago

"this smells of a jab about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2′s infamous ‘No Russian’ level which had players working as an undercover operative, forced to gun down civilians in an airport."

LOL, you aren't FORCED to shoot anything in that level.