Valve is Gaming’s True Innovator

The gaming industry is without a doubt going through more ‘innovation’ now than ever before.

Motion controllers, no controllers, voice-activation, and 3D are storming into people’s households and trying their hardest to impress consumers. This constant race to become the next big innovator might be less productive than Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have hoped.

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xhedleyx3096d ago ShowReplies(3)
christoph2033096d ago

I think Quantic dream are the true innovators this gen.. those guys are thinking way outside the box.

dark-hollow3096d ago

Heavy rain was a refreshing breath of air in this gen full of shooters,
But not innovative if you compared it with games that shares similar style (shenmue comes to mind)

kaveti66163096d ago

When you don't have to worry about shareholders, you can be very flexible with your decisions.

thebudgetgamer3096d ago

i like valve as much as the next guy, but all their games while high quality are all based off half life.

with that said the stuff their doing with steam and intergrarting it in the ps3 really is awesome.

TitanUp3096d ago

agree im a pc gamer but no valve fanboy,steam and steamworks is the best thing valve have done imo

tdrules3096d ago

oh my, cant wait for you to explain how DOTA2 and Team Fortress 2 are like Half Life

thebudgetgamer3096d ago

you're right with dota (looks really good btw) but team fortress is half life multiplayer.
more like a mod than a new game.

tdrules3096d ago

HL2 and TF2 are positively nothing alike, different physics, different engine (nowadays), different team.
and game mechanics have nothing to do with HL2, they're based on a Quake mod released way before VALVe got involved and/or Half Life was a thing.
HL2 Deathmatch is HL2 multiplayer, you seem to not know what the hell you're talking about.

and if you think that an engine makes games relative then I guess Operation Flashpoint is just DIRT 3 with guns right?

Pandamobile3096d ago

Counterstrike and Team Fortress started off as mods for Half Life, but to say TF2 is just a HL2 mod is an insult.

9 years of dev time and millions of dollars in production speak otherwise.

ReservoirDog3163096d ago

I think he means they're all mostly first person games.

It's pretty unbelievable to narrow them down to just that but whatever.

thebudgetgamer3096d ago

i don't think they are the same games just really simmilar.

Pillville3096d ago

They kind of need a spoiler alert, or actually change something completely.

I'm not going to say what the spoiler is, since they didn't say it directly, but there's something that has to do with Portal 2 here that some people probably don't know yet since it's a new(ish) game.

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