Kotaku - An Exclusive Tour of Valve Software

Stephen Totilo writes: Valve Software's Chet Faliszek recently gave me a tour of his company's Belleveue headquarters, a final act of kindness during a visit in which Chet also let me play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and eat catered tacos.

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majiebeast3103d ago

And worst cameraman award goes to ..... Stephen Totila. Will go nicely with Kotaku's biggest douche awards and worst gaming website .

BubbleSniper3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

why did Valve allow them inside their sacred offices?



Rumors has it that if you turn the Valve on Half Life Ep3 will appear in a liquid form.

They say that Gabe ate EP3 and pooped it out put only the choosen one can turn the the Valve that leads to the cess pool.