Ubisoft's U-Play Passport Revealed For Driver: San Francisco

It seems the first major title to support the UPlay Passport is going to be Driver: San Francisco. We have pictures for you to check out of the pass itself.

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ShadyDevil3095d ago

It kind of sucks that its in Uplay not PSN or XBLA. So now people who don't have a Uplay account have to create one. Hassle.

FanOfGaming3095d ago

I've had some experience with Uplay via Assassin's Creed 2 and Splinter Cell on PC

ferelinstincts3095d ago

I've always liked how the U-Play service gives you more than just achievements. :)

Quagmire3095d ago

I like how they give you rewards for achieving certain goals like skins or weapons or themes. Makes me wonder why trophies/achievements dont offer the same service, otherwise whats the point in getting platinums if it doesnt contribute to anything other than a number of level?

starfox_1183095d ago

Wait, so this passport seems to be the Ubisoft approach to a one use online code? These really irritate me. After working in a games store for 2 years it pisses me off that companies do this as it not only causes hassle and annoyance for some customers who cant afford the new purchases and still want to play the game, and largely wont play it offline. It also causes so much hassle for the sales staff who have to bare the brunt of complaints as apparently its our fault... I can understand why publishers would like the money from pre-owned sales, however pre-owned sales have only gone up as the price of games has risen stupidly as they pump in so many things to entice more players. I think iPhone and general mobile gaming is a good show that people happily buy new games when they are reasonably priced, and also shows that gameplay is really what is needed and not visuals.

Right, well that was a rant, but its basically epitomising what I think of the U-Play pass and all online passes

Pro_TactX3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

I agree with pretty much everything you stated except one thing. The cost of games has remained the same for the last two and a half decades. It is the value of the dollar that has changed. In 1986 new NES games were $30. That is equivalent to $60 today.

jay23095d ago

What a lot of poo this system is...