New Resident Evil Umbrella Sciences Site Launches With Mysterious Script

DP: Capcom is teasing something regarding Resident Evil and it involves enough conspiracy writing and glitches to make a CIA agent go nuts.

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EDI3097d ago

Hmm seems interesting, didn't play Umbrella Chronics tho

WhiteLightning3097d ago

That baby is kind of freaking me out, anyway...

"You and your friends

Were looking for you on every level
Umbrella can seek you out"

It could be for Operation Raccon City (although I hope not since it looks crap) but would Capcom really do this for a game they didn't even make themselfs, plus with the TGS coming up it is possible to be related to RE6...thing is by RE5 aren't Umbrella gone with Wesker out of the picture.....maybe Alex Wesker survived being one of the Wesker children and he's taking control, then you have the rivalry between the company Ada Wong was secretly working for, the Organization perhaps RE6 will tell us how Wesker got the Master Plagas sample of Ada when she betrayed him and give him a fake one. Hell those new creatures in RE Revelations could of been made by the Organization.

I just hope it has Leon in as the main character, Ada with her mini campaign mode like in RE4, the Merchent and all those elements that made RE1-3 so scary and tense. For a side character I know people would want Claire but is no one curious about Rebbeca Chambers, it's been 10 years since we last saw her...did Umbrella manage to have her killed? Since she was in a differen't STARS team to Chris, Barry and Jill maybe she could team with with Leon, Claire so it's three on each side. To be honest Capcom could of used them in RE Revelations instead of introducing MORE characters.

Happythedog3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

Rebecca and Billy should team up again. I pray to god Leon isn't the main character in 6. Not that I hate his character just I wanna play with someone without bangs and one liners, a normal guy like Billy.

WhiteLightning3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

I don't know I can see where your coming from but I thought Leon was kind of normal like an everyday guy in terms of personality, unlike Chris he hated the predicaments he was in and moaned on about the situations he got himself into. He didn't just go along with the flow of the story "Yeah I can take these things on and not question the situation I'm in".

Thing you have to remember that if Billy was placed in a RE game now I think Capcom would give him "bangs" and "one liners" because that's what they've done to the characters of RE now in recent titles since RE Zero, it's not really the characters fault it's Capcom's.

Anyway the main reason I would like it to be Leon is because it's his turn. The way I see it the odd number games get Chris, Jill, Barry basicaly the whole STARS story while the even games follow Leon, Ada, Claire's story

Son_Lee3097d ago

RE6 should go back to true survival horror. You can even implement elements of thriller and psychology in there. It should star Claire Redfield and maybe Leon again (he's such a great character). It should go back to Umbrella. They could justify it in a number of ways.

Resident Evil is one of my favorite series. I can only hope something good comes out of this, and please let it be on consoles instead of handhelds!

Skate-AK3097d ago

I would enjoy another Resident Evil:Darkside Chronicles but in HD and Move support.