Dragon's Dogma boxart

Capcom just revealed the boxart for Dragon's Dogma.

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JellyJelly3096d ago

Looks alright. Nothing jawdropping about it.

Quagmire3095d ago

Well, its Not Monster Hunter for PS3, but it'll have to do I suppose.

Fucking Crapcom

Optical_Matrix3096d ago

Still baffles me as to why this game doesn't have online co-op. The gameplay was practically built for such a feature to be included. If Capcom really wanted to push the boat they should have included it. But meh, game still looks great and I can't wait

Spenok3095d ago

Very much agree. It's very odd they left it out. This game looks epic.

shammgod3095d ago

When is this game releasing?

MidnytRain3095d ago

Sometime next year, I think.

Skate-AK3095d ago

Thats not too bad of a boxart. At least it isn't covered with logos everywhere.