"No, BF3 doesn’t have a shot of outselling MW3." - Michael Pachter Interview

GameZone's Tate Steinlage gets an exclusive interview with gaming analyst Michael Pachter, where they discuss BF3 vs MW3, his daily activities as a gaming analying, the price tag on video games being adjusted, and the 3DS price cut.

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zeksta3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

No, Michael Patcher's comments doesn't apply to shit within the gaming community.

God, this guy, always commenting on things he should keep has damn nose out of.

LOGICWINS3093d ago

Pachter likely makes more money in a year than you will in your entire life by commenting on gaming and advising clients on this industry's climate. Why would he stop?

zeksta3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Cause, he's frankly an annoyance, just look at his past articles..

LOGICWINS3093d ago

You say hes an annoyance...yet you freely chose to click/comment on an article with the words "Michael Pachter" in the title???

Peppino73093d ago

With current pre orders on par with each other, BF3 might have a shot to pull it off. I know a bunch of cod players who will be buying the game.

Shanks3093d ago

Hey look, its LOGICWINS trying to make a point... again.

JokesOnYou3093d ago

Usually whatever Pachter says you can expect the opposite, but this is just an obvious attempt to raise his prediction percentage.....I predict Halo4 will outsell Bulletstorm, now where's my 10k?

StanLee3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Anyone who believes Battlefield 3 has a shot of selling as much as Modern Warfare 3, is naive. Battlefield does not have the broad appeal Call of Duty has. To some, Call of Duty will be the only game they purchase this year. The community is still half a million strong nightly while BFBC2 barely has as many online as World at War does 3 years later. How much each game sells isn't representative of which is better but that's a different conversation. Modern Warfare 3 will easily sell 20 million across all platforms, Battlefield 3 will struggle to get to 8 million units across all platforms.

evrfighter3093d ago

You know. Activision and kotick will be shittin bricks if bf3 comes within 2 million of cod. I don't believe battlefield can beat out cod this year as cod's downward spiral has just begun.

However. Should battlefield come within a couple million. That will signify the end of cod. and I believe that is whats goin to happen.

Tr10wn3093d ago

Battlefield will never outsell COD in this gen, everyone knows what COD is and the downward wont be happening till next gen, then they will build another engine and all will be the same, the truth is that the silent majority "the normal people" will keep buying the games no matter how old it gets.

hiredhelp3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

You know the way i see it.
Cod wont last forever we have seen many devs working on sequels of this game that i cant even remember a game that had differnt devs making on one ip.
But that being said youl always have your cod fans. that wont stop unless they choose to.
But i beleave that some of you people have realised that cod is getting a bit much and have chosen to
A- quit the game move on to battlefield 3 or other!
B-Get both
Even if bf3 doesnt if you like "WIN" this silly sales war or whos better than who.
one thing is forr sure its gonna leave a lasting impression and turned alot of heads.
Its also helped pc community to get devs back into taken more notice on pc gamers too.

For me activision needs to do alot more to bring me back.
New engine that gamers have wasted millions pounds in DLC to you that could pay for.
for god sakes remember where call of duty come from b4 perks were implamented.

Laxman2163092d ago

For those of you defending him; do you realize he was literally only ever been right ONCE about game sales with his pre-release comments, and that was with the original Spider Man movie tie-in game on the original Xbox?

His opinions are void.

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SephirothX213093d ago

Just because he makes a lot of money, doesn't mean he is right. It is obvious that MW3 will outsell BF3. Just as it is obvious that BF3 will be the better game. Though the CoD series will eventually fail if they don't start innovating with future instalments. The team that put CoD on the map are now mostly with EA at Respawn Entertainment. IW are shadows of their former selves.

Tr10wn3093d ago

"IW are shadows of their former selves" thats yet to be seen in MW3 you don't know that, and about BF3 being better than MW3 that's a matter of choice i personally own BFBC2 and i don't like it at all but my friend like and that's enough to buy the game, i played that alpha of BF3 and looks like thay are adopting alot of cod play style it feel more fast paced and more fluid than bfbc2, and like i said above, silent majority always win, you may ask why cod sell that much when you and your friend don' like that game, silent majority>gamers

SephirothX213093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Well I think the name sells CoD. I base what I say on my probability hypothesis. I think it is probable that on average, gamers will be more satisfied with BF3 than with MW3. From the looks of MW3, it seems to be the same old thing. With BF3, there is the new Frostbite engine, more people in multiplayer, better graphics and destruction, better weapon handling and of course, vehicles. Can you fly a jet in MW3? No you can't. Can you cause destruction to walls in MW3? No you can't. Can you play with another 32 players online on consoles and another 63 players online on pc in MW3? Yet again, no you can't. Also, DICE are experienced fps devs. Sledgehammer Games are not. I will get BF3 day 1, assuming the feedback is good. Even if MW3 gets great reviews, I'll probably be too busy with BF£ and UC3 to care and then there is the GOTY releasing November 11th so I won't really have time. Hell I haven't played Black Ops yet. Oh well...

JeffGUNZ3093d ago

@ Zeksta. You know he was ASKED to do this interview. So, would you prefer him to only answer "no comment" when it deals with a topic you don't want to hear? Give me a break, he was asked these questions in an INTERVIEW. Additionally, it's solely his opinion and beliefs, he is not stating anything as fact.

Lazy_Sunday3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

We already know BF3 will be outsold by MW3. Without a doubt. They may come close as BF3 begins to catch on, but the zero-to-hero strategy of CoD, the ease of access, and it's utilization as a stepping stone like a gateway drug to other FPS games--I can't see CoD being overtaken for another 2 or 3 tries by the Battlefield series. Though, I definitely see BF, if it continues at this pace, overtaking CoD very, VERY soon. Just maybe not BF3.

OC_MurphysLaw3093d ago

@zeksta well... maybe gaming media should stop asking him question then? You jump down his throat for answering a question asked of him...he didn't just come out and say this with out being prompted you know.

"GZ: As an analyst, where do you see Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 stacking up sales wise. This is the first year where many are seeing Battlefield as a threat to Call of Duty’s “crown.” Call of Duty’s player base is unanimously the largest out there, so does Battlefield 3 really have a shot of outselling MW3?"

Maybe you should be bitching at for asking him the question instead.

frostyhat1233093d ago

@Zeksta Patcher is right on this one! there is just too big of s following for cod for Bf3 to bet it in sales... But it doesn't mean it can't take a chunk out of the market share

iamnsuperman3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

You should watch Pach attack sometimes. He explains how he makes money. No offence zeksta just because he says something you do not like doesn't mean he should stop he, i dunno, job. He gets paid to comment on this stuff. He isn't some random guy or some random developer. He is analyst. It was he does for a living. He getting asked a question for his job he isn't going to say nothing. All those people agree with you fail to see then he does it for a living and should not keep his nose out of it

AEtherbane3092d ago

But he's right though. BF3, imo, is the better game, but COD has a much higher degree of brand recognition. People who don't play ames much know about COD, and have likely never heard of Battlefield. I still wont buy COD, but that doesn't mean millions and millions of others wont.

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NYC_Gamer3093d ago

It's the truth BF3 won't outsell MW3.both games will be enjoyed by fans of fps and that's what really matters.

Blaze9293093d ago

yeah I'm not sure why anyone would really think for a second BF3 would outsell MW3. Now next year, BF4 and the next CoD might be a different story.

The way I see it, BF3 is like the launch of a new IP - or relaunch rather. Many are just now becoming aware of Battlefield thanks to BF3 - never really seen hype for a BF game like this before BF3. If BF3 delivers (which it looks like it will) then people will be anticipating BF4 a lot more than what, the 7th call of duty game - and probably from Treyarch?

raWfodog3093d ago

I agree with some of the points that you made, Blaze. I never touched a COD game before Modern Warfare. I decided to give it a try because I heard a lot of buzz about it and saw that it got a lot of good reviews. I played it, got hooked, and looked forward to future titles.

I suspect the same will happen with BF3 for a lot of people new to the series.

OC_MurphysLaw3093d ago

@Blaze929... "Now next year, BF4 and the next CoD might be a different story." If EA/Dice release a new BF4 "next year" all those BF supporters who have been clamouring about Activision releasing one COD after another will have a sh!t load of crow to eat.

Moragami3092d ago

Next year, EA will pump out another Medal of Honor, then the year after maybe BF4, maybe BFBC3. It's hard to say what will come out, can't predict when and if the consoles are ever going to be updated to a new generation.

Jio3093d ago

Hey, remember when he said the 3DS was going to be the greatest selling gadget of all time and that the PS Vita was doomed before it was even announced? But in all fairness, this one is sadly true. Gamers keep buying MW3, when I ask my friends why they're getting it after the shameful Black Ops they still don't give a valid reason other than it's fun. Why they're not getting BF3 they say because they hated Bad Company -_-

caseh3093d ago

He fucked up with the call on 3DS lol, I never really bothered to look at it until the other day but OMG what a turd of a handheld Nintendo have unleashed on the world.

I managed a whole 3 minutes of Pilotwings before the feeling of my eyes bleeding made me walk away from it.

AdvanceWarsSgt3093d ago

Something tells me you thought the DS was a turd when it was originally released as well.

gamingdroid3093d ago

Yeah, I didn't enjoy BC2... will likely stay away from BF3, especially if it has online pass.

JeffGUNZ3093d ago

Gears 3 season pass is different. All it does is allow people to pay upfront to save money in the long run. It's also not just for MP maps, it's also new campaign additions.

gamingdroid3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Yes, because it is extra content that I'm not forced to buy. The season pass isn't needed in order to play Gears 3 at all, online or offline.

Besides, the amount of content on Gears 3 from what I understand is already significantly more than previous games.

While online passes seeks to restrict me in how I use my game disc i.e. if I want to lend it or share it with others. EA took a privilege I had instead of adding value with the online pass.

I take value add over repackaged restrictions any time.

edit: @creatchee

To clarify, the season pass includes the next 4 DLCs free with a rad weapons skin if it floats your boat. See here:

It is a savings over buying the DLC individually.

creatchee3093d ago


You don't actually need the online pass to play Gears multiplayer. It's solely for discounted DLC.

_Aarix_3093d ago

Season pass applys to dlc and online pass applys to online

Hicken3092d ago

No, the Gears pass is designed to make you either pay for it up front, or pay even MORE later on. If BC2 is anything to go by, the online pass for BF3 will net you most- not all- extra maps for free.

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caseh3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

'Something tells me you thought the DS was a turd when it was originally released as well. '

Not at all, I enjoyed the DS just not the sheer volume of shovelware that was released for it. I ended up selling it in favour of a PSP.

The 3DS on the otherhand, seriously I don't know if it was genuinely supposed to look 3D or just add depth but it felt like I was looking one of those holigram pictures, the ones that appear to move and look 3D when you look at it from slightly different angles. I mean to say, I was stood there moving my head as I just wasn't getting a clear view of it, just looked...for lack of a better word, fucked.

theonlylolking3093d ago

LOL most of my friends are like that as well. I do have a very small amount that can give me a reason like"this is a different IW and sledgehammer is also making this game and they are new so I will give them a try."

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kingdoms3093d ago

He seen the Pre-order charts and that gave him the confidence to say what everybody thinks already.

caseh3093d ago

He's probably going on past trends more than anything. Thats all analysts really do, analyse past trends.

StayStatic3093d ago

Let me get find my care face ..... oh wait some one stole it ...... = /