The Best Voice Actor Performances in Video Games

Ever since gaming moved past bloops and bleeps, voices have had a role to play in our favourite medium. We all remember the unconvincing early days when developers seemingly rounded up homeless people from the street and said 'We've got this game here called 'Resident Evil' and we need voices. We'll pay you 5 bucks if you do it'. The result? Well, just take a look at the video below.

Thankfully though, games have moved on from the early days of voice acting to become more stylish, sophisticated, and characters actually sound like real people now. These are just a few people who have helped to make some memorable characters through some stellar voice work.

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zerocrossing3095d ago

Honestly? no David Hayter Solid Snake/Big Boss?

sorry but the list needs David.

Tanir3094d ago

yeeeah why wth EFF is mario's voice actor there when his voice sucks, he barely says anything, and is no where as good as david hayter. so retarded lol

zerocrossing3094d ago

lol exactly, I wouldn't call Mario's VA one of the best at least not compared to David, plus we just had a week of voice actor interviews, the list could have included any one of them.

Tanir3094d ago

totally agree........seriously, nintendo fan boys and their nostalgia, lol mario was better when he didn't talk in my opinion

Pozzle3092d ago

I don't know if I'd say Mario's voice actor "sucks" (since he doesn't exactly have many linbes to begin with), but yeah he definitely isn't the BEST voice actor out there.

GammaTru3095d ago

Cam Clarke and Mike Pollock are my two favourite voice actors. Cam Clarke did the voice for Liquid Snake, however I loved him most as Ryudo in Grandia 2 and also as Kaneda in Akira, although he's worked in loads of different games.

I was lucky enough to meet Mike Pollock in person at Summer of Sonic and he is a fantastic bloke and loves meeting fans! He really brings Dr Eggman to life.

Venox20083094d ago

Now I really want to kill someone.. Where's solid snake David Hayter? :)

CDbiggen3094d ago

A surveillance camera!?

3094d ago
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