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Born in the late 80’s meant I missed out on the era that the majority proclaim as being the best ever, however this has not stopped me from dipping my toes in every now and then. Die Hard is my favourite movie and Chesney Hawkes is my personal theme tune, so to be fair, dipping my toes was an understatement, lets go with complete 80’s baptism. So to load up Toy Soldiers: Cold War and be greeted with thumping soundtrack was enough for me to bring my fist close to my chest before fist pumping out, Queen style. This era is perfect for TS as it allows for brash cliches to be used without any remorse from the Signal Studios. Special squad member known as the Commando is totally not supposed to resemble Rambo, even when he shouts out lines that would feel at home in any 80’s action movie. Sadly, there are no nods to Predator (from what I can see).

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