The Evolution of the Score

Pixels or Death's Patrick Lindsey writes:

" As a gamer, the score is what it’s all about. The elation of beating your previous best could only ever be matched by the agony of falling just short. It was more than just a score, it was a measure of your very worth as a human being. In the days of my youth, it was the very thing we strove for. Plastering your 3 initials to the Top 10 list at an arcade was no mere idle schoolboy accomplishment – it was a declaration of your prowess, a statement of your immortality. Those 3-letter monikers became the signatures of gaming legends, the pantheon of the arcade gods."

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caseh3097d ago

I recognie that highscore snapshot on the article itself, its from Metal Slug...I think. :D

I visited an arcade I used to work in for the first time in about 7 years on the weekend. My fastest laptimes on Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune still stand on 4 of the 5 tracks. Yay :D

eon03097d ago

I really liked this piece. Especially, "Part of me wonders if this is really better – if maybe we shouldn’t have pushed B to stop the evolution."

aharshberger3097d ago

I have been obsessing over my high score in Dungeons of Dredmor for weeks, now. It's sort of depressing, especially, the ratio of pitifully low scores to respectably high ones. I am not very good at that game, but I love it so.