Halo 4 ARG sends out Test Subject Passes

The Alleged Halo 4 ARG: Human Preservation Project send's out mail with test subject passes relating to your in game profile! Also connections with Swerve Gum


It seems the Human Preservation Project and Test subjects needed ARG is for 5Gum from Wrigley's

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Convas3103d ago

Yes! The return of ARGs in Halo! Woot!

ARC35823103d ago

Why is he calling this a Halo 4 ARG? It's already been said many a time that this is 5Gum's latest marketing scheme. The fact that they sent out packs of 5Gum should be proof enough. And while it is still a very impressive ARG (and the new flavor is great!) it's for gum, not Halo.

MaverickStar73103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Yes its for gum...but also for Halo 4. Have we not seen game and merchandise ad campaigns together over and over and over. Do you think Wrigleys would go to this expense for some new flavors of a gum thats already been out without it being tied to a bigger reason. The ARG is for Halo 4, with the gum catching a ride as a marketing partner. And they needed a new partner to go with since Mountain Dew dropped the Halo series in favor of teaming with Modern Warfare 3 this year.