BioWare's Ray Muzyka: Mass Effect, Dragon Age and MMOs

On the surface, the BioWare of 2011 is barely recognisable as the BioWare that released Baldur's Gate in 1998. Sitting confidently inside EA's gargantuan business area at gamescom 2011, Dr Muzyka is in charge of some of the most valuable IP in the world today. BioWare is famed for its storytelling. How do you think that's developing in terms of how games are telling stories as technology advances?

Ray Muzyka: I would extend that broader. Our vision is to create, deliver, and evolve some of the most emotionally engaging games in the world. And story, for us, is one of the ways to achieve that - but it's not the only way.

Historically, yeah, I think a lot of what we've done actually has been driven by story, narrative, and character interactions and we still have those in our games. Typically, we see that as a really important mechanism and tool, and a very relatable concept to players. It's similar to real life, where you talk to people and form a relationship, and then you form an emotional bond - so I think we're going to continue that as one of the pillars for how we approach our games.

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Agent_S3092d ago

I love you BioWare...even when you fuck up.