How do you make Counter-Strike right for the consoles?

Sarcastic Gamer: "There is nothing that says PC gaming more than Counterstrike. It is the quintessential PC shooter. It changed gaming in ways that few games can say. It has been a mainstay of PC gaming for almost 10 years. What game can say that?

So, how do you take a quintessential PC game and make it work for the consoles? I talked to the producers of Counterstrike and got some answers..."

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king053093d ago

By giving it mouse and keyboard support, oh wait, the ps3 does that.

StayStatic3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )


JsonHenry3093d ago

^^ I've said since the beginning that Sony's biggest miss was not pushing for FPS, RPG, and RTS games to support KB+M setups. Should have REQUIRED support before allowing it on their console. So many PC gamers (like myself) would support the console just because of that alone.

Not mention it would help console gamers break down the "fear" barrier of using a KB+M instead of a controller and spawning a new age of console/PC gaming.

evrfighter3093d ago

I'm going to agree with this. I've also said before that this was sony's greatest mistake. There are many pc gamers that would have switched if the console supported mouse and keyboard. Alot of pc gamers don't upgrade often and would have welcomed a cheaper way to play with their pc brethren.

Just supporting a couple titles isn't enough to bring about major change

Triggs3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Hmmm, Can you play FPS with a Keyboard and Mouse on a PS3 like, say, MW2? I think you can use the KB and mouse on the PS3 for browsing and internet but I think it only stops there when you fire up a game - correct me if I'm wrong. I haven't really tried to see that for myself on my PS3...

Edit: After looking more about this in the internet, initially we need to get something called FragFX.

Edit2: Oh, FragFx is not an adapter, but a mouse and controller - need to keep looking.

FlameBaitGod3093d ago

Just get eagle eye, is much better

Triggs3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )


Excellent, I'll take a look at that. Thanks!

Shojin13093d ago

It had full Lefty gunner. A positive in my book. I usually "BEG" the devs to add lefty to the mix but for some reason they dont. I have a constant let down most of the time with no lefty...

It would be a miracle to see lefty controls and the char carrying the weapon in that correct hand ... shhhhhsssh!

Developers can put in horde mode, operations , forge, cam shots, upgrades, but cant add a proper lefty... unbelievable!

peowpeow3093d ago

Well CSS has an option for gun on the left side. It feels so fun and awkward haha

chaldo3093d ago

mouse, keyboard, putting a lot of time into it.

SkullBlade1693093d ago

Counter Strike doesn't need to be right for consoles, it's a PC game...

Gambero3093d ago

Don't be a smarta$$, the article is about the upcoming CS console game.

STK0263093d ago

how do you make CS for consoles?

Well, for one, you don't make it like that horrible CS for Xbox. For two, it would seem you need to lower the player count. And finally, you make sure people know this is not CS2, but rather a spin-off of CS, in order to avoid the Condition Zero backlash when the game releases and it doesn't feel like CS 1.6.