Hands on: The Elders Scroll V: Skyrim (Sarcastic Gamer)

Sarcastic Gamer: "It’s apparent that whenever we say anything negative in the slightest about a high profile game such as Skyrim, people throw a hissy fit. To be fair, Skyrim is probably the worst game to SHOW a demo to players. No one wants to sit there and watch a guy “show” the world of Skyrim. This is not a game you show, this is a game you experience. At least for PAX, I was actually able to spend some quality time with this game, and by quality time, I mean a short one hour adventure. And how much did I enjoy the demo? Let’s just say it was a burning experience..."

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RedDead3094d ago

"that is where the demo ended as the game crashed when I went into the store. At that point I definitely knew it was a Bethesda game"

Haha. Expected