Brutal Gamer: Why conference coverage and the games press are failing.

Barry of Brutal Gamer looks at how conferences and expos are covered, arguing that a new approach is needed.

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RedDragan3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

What doesn't help is that the extreme majority of gaming websites that claim to be news sites, are in fact of similar poor quality as your average blog site.

IGN, Computerandvideogames, Eurogamer etc....

Nothing they write has any credibility in the world of journalism because they authors never take an unbiased view. Then there are supporters of those sites who erroneously think that is how it should be because they are there to give opinions, except if that really is the case then it is not journalism and hence they cannot call themselves as people who report gaming news but only gaming opinion. For example, a blog. A blog with prettier pictures than most types of blog but a blog nonetheless with multiple people writing for it.

Gaming News should only consist of gaming news topics, not this ridiculous and immature fan-boy crap that all these websites play to. The amount of pure made up speculation is laughable as well, so many times we have seen wild claims that have amounted to nothing but all out lies and this from the biggest money making gaming blogs of them all like Eurogamer and IGN, to smallest which are run by kids in their homes. The fact they share a similar style and go for the exact same stories shows that essentially, the so called "News" is aimed at children written by people who can only think like children.

The gaming industry needs impartial, fact based and non-speculative articles. It is about time the gaming websites grew up a bit because they are living a lie if they think they are journalists. And yes, I do call out the heavy weight article authors at sites like IGN and Eurogamer who in the grande scheme of things are nothing but vapour particles in the immensely enormous ocean that is called the "Press and Magazine Industry".

Alot needs to change.

Keats3100d ago

I have no problems with opinions shining through in IGN or Gamespot. Making everything impartial would kill a lot of the character I'd like to see shine through more in coverage.
However, you're spot on in saying that we're not journalists. I deliberately avoided the word in the article because frankly, I don't think we've earned it. Brutal Gamer is unashamedly an enthusiast site and we love to have some fun with what we're doing,as evidenced by one writer's efforts to Photoshop staff into every story! However, there is a market for professional, investigative journalism that ignores the usual marketing tidal waves. However, would this site also avoid reviews and previews which, by their very nature must be subjective in some respects,? It's a difficult path to chart but I think it will slowly come to pass as we progress.
It sounds like you'd get a kick out of or EDGE magazine, both of which take a different angle on the industry.
I mainly just want to see the games press separate and distinguish itself from marketing.