BioWare: Future Dragon Age game to be more like Origins

The Dragon Age franchise will continue to expand and fans can look forward to seeing more elements from Dragon Age: Origins featuring in the next title, BioWare co-founder Dr Ray Muzyka has told

"We'll definitely continue to expand Dragon Age," promised Muzyka. "We haven't announced details about what the next games are - we've hinted at it though - but we're going to take in all the feedback we got on Dragon Age II. We take it to heart.

"It's incredibly uplifting and exciting to see fans embracing some of the new innovations we tried to bring in Dragon Age 2. On the other hand, the team takes it to heart when they see fans who were expecting more Dragon Age: Origins and just weren't as engaged by it.

"But I think we can marry those, we could actually take the things that people were looking for from Origins and other great legacy games from BioWare, and marry that with some of the innovations we brought in Dragon Age 2. And I think the combination of them will be very powerful."

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Cpt_kitten3103d ago

not more like exactly like DA2 was horrid after being watered down

ThanatosDMC3103d ago

DA2 was crap compared to Origins. Story, gameplay, strategy, lore, etc was crap in DA2. Good casual RPG if anything though.

Neckbear3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Considering Origins was nothing but a mediocre CRPG, that's one hell of an insult.


Not even The Witcher- just having played any of these games: Arcanum, Planescape: Torment, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, A Dance with Rogues or, hell, BioWare's own Baldur's Gate 2, and that's just mentioning a few, is enough to tell as much.

Hell, even the small Divinity games find themselves being more entertaining and enjoyable than my time with DA:O, or so I found in my personal experience.


I assume you're replying to the Simon dude, in which case I can agree: every degree of fanboyism is rather obnoxious, however, it doesn't apply to a certain fanbase alone. The Witcher 2 is one fine mighty game, though.

Simon_Brezhnev3103d ago

Origins is mediocre.We will probably get a lot of disagrees for that. Once you play the Witcher series DA looks like a step child.

dktxx23103d ago

You freakin' Witcher fanboys are the worst. Its a good game, we get it. Ya don't need to go in to every single article and tell us about it.

awi59513103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Withcer 2 fighting isnt more skillful its just cheap as hell dragon age orgins combat was far more tactical. The combat in witcher 1 was better than 2.

Xof3103d ago

These kids think games Bioware's fare is the pinnacle of PC RPGs. They're too focused on herpderpnew to bother looking at the older games, despite the fact that, at least so far as this genre is concerned, the quality has dropped a LOT in recent years.

evrfighter3103d ago

I'm buying the witcher arguments. I loved it great game. HOWEVER

they still havn't pegged the fighting system. However if CD Projekt Red feel the same way as me and quite a few others. There's no doubt in my mind Witcher 3 if it continues to evolve like it has. Will outdo Dragon Age 3.

Then there's the announcement of Witcher 3 being multiplat and some lead dev's leaving shortly after. This worries me as they were the ones to tell us to "Dare to be different" when it came to pc exclusivity. I'm afraid Witcher 3 might just be another console rpg if it's been left to the guys seeing $$$$'s.

CDPRed has talent but there are only a select few dev's that can do what what Eidos Montreal did with Deus Ex HR. With one of the key figures gone I don't have high hopes for the witcher series anymore.

ShoryukenII3103d ago

Demon's Souls is better than both and Dark Souls will take over the world.

ThanatosDMC3102d ago

You did read im comparing DA:O and DA2, right? Or are you a blind bat that just typed nonsense?

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dktxx23103d ago

I don't think many people thought the second one was amazing, i think a few could just look past its flaws and find a decent game. Origins was much better, and 95% of people who have played both would tell you that.

Drazz3103d ago

Bring back multiple races and origin stories. Actually after reading the interview that said every dragon age would have a new protagonist, I think thats exactly what they're doing.

anonym3103d ago

Why does Bioware keep deflecting criticism of Dragon Age 2 as being unwelcoming of its "innovations?" Even if I preferred Dragon Age 2, I still couldn't point to a single aspect of it that I would describe as innovative or creative.

I'd be a lot more confident in Dragon Age 3 if they would just man up and say, "Yes, the level design was repetitive and barren, the scale of the game was miniscule, basic customization abilities were skipped to get the game out faster, and all but a few of the side quests were mindless drivel." Only a minority of criticisms (and critics, for that matter) are based around the game not being identical to Origins, and yet to hear them talk about it, that's the only reason they haven't already been handed every GOTY award in the industry.