5 Games You Have To Play In The Next 4 Months (Xbox 360)

Baden of WolfsGamingBlog asks a simple question; if you could only have five games in the next four months, what would they be?

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NoobJobz3096d ago

Probably would have swapped number 4 with Batman.

thats_just_prime3096d ago

A better list be

1 Batman AC
2 Skyrim
3 Forza 4
4 Assasins Creed
5 Star wars ToR (asuming it comes out in nov)

NoobJobz3096d ago

Isn't old republic a pc game?

RedDead3096d ago

Want 4 out of 5 from that list. Dark souls

bart9993096d ago

Meh, editing error under F1 2011.

List is okay I guess, I don't have any issues with it, but the article itself needs PIZAZZ!

WolfLeBlack3096d ago

I actually agree with you about the PIZAZZ! Now that I go back and read it, I'm not entirely happy with its writing. Ah well, hindsight.

Venox20083096d ago

gears, rage and batman, starfox 3D

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The story is too old to be commented.