Dragon Quest X absent from the TGS ?

LiveGen writes : "If we take a closer look at the complete Square Enix's line-up for the Tokyo Game Show, we can see than one game is missing : Dragon Quest X. Will it confirmed for Wii U later ? Let's see and wait for the show..."

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Chrono3091d ago

The Dragon Quest 25th anniversary collection (Wii) will probably include the first ever footage for DQX.

e-p-ayeaH3091d ago

why it as to be nintendo exclusive?

jacksonmichael3091d ago

Because they paid for the publishing rights. That, and... well, it already exists, and is a Wii game. Not sure why you're confused.

--Onilink--3091d ago

i really hope they decided to make this a Wii U game, not much sense to release this game on the Wii after the U is out, well except for those crazy japanese people who buy anything related to DQ... Anyway, it would be a really good launch title

AWBrawler3091d ago

Yes it would make sense. I can assure u that WiiU will not sell 87 million consoles on launch day, so there is more potential buyers if they keep it on he Wii

jacksonmichael3091d ago

Wait, didn't someone promise something about it at TGS?